No Words…

blame it on Shake June 20, 2008

…just the motion in ocean.

  • MrRogers

    this from othe office? lol

  • MrRogers

    jay look like the black version of the six flags man!! lol

  • MrRogers

    oh now i see the gay undertone!!

  • BlazersBestFan

    wtf lol….haha that does look like the guy from the uk office in front

  • MrRogers

    blonde: *clinches purse* *thinks about how much she has in there*

  • troof

    it is the dude from the original office… ricky gervais. are they at a crosswalk?

  • @ Shake lol in the words of Wale haha jo’ you stupid. lol @ Rogers calling him the blsck version of the six flags man *dead*.


  • A-Y

    This is proof blueprint 3 coming soon…

  • lol….what?

  • Stoner

    Steve urkel?

  • How is this proof The Blueprint 3 is coming?

  • this means hova gettin old lol

  • oh man that just made me so dizzy. Hov is a really strange guy lol

  • reythehussein

    LOL… That’s fuckin’ terrible.

  • This is absolute proof the Blueprint 3 is coming out, it’s so ingenious of Jigga

  • HAQQ

    Don’t know what Booty B see’s in this man

  • he looks confused. haha


    …soooooooo wass this from? o_O

  • Clearly He’s Vibing to a different tune than anyone around him! You have to understand that real artist draw inspiration from places and things that a lot of people can’t even imagine. Look at the person behind the bushes….they’re vibing to some sort of beat too….so is the guy in the front. “Look Behind You…I’m Bout To Pass You 2wice!” Get em HOV!


    LOL. I seen this on SOHH forums, Jay was at some Coldplay concert just looking mad uncomfortable.

  • A yo, ya ll cant hear the music, but jay can. This nigga on a street corner vibing. The beat is coming along, he might use an 808, and then a mad kick symbol type shit over the hook lol. Lyrics, fck em, he ll spit when he get in the booth. But dude is lookin like rain man fa real .

  • haha. awesome.

    It’s from “Extras”
    (I believe)

  • Kurt Rambis

    Fuse like Flashdance with MC Hammer shit.

  • lmfao @ Jamel

  • art_of_wordz

    He look like he wanna do the cabbage patch or something,or maybe he got a case of the mudd butt or something

  • Shook One

    everytime i see hov, i always wonder what i can compare his lips to. its like someone cut an apple in half or something. or two thick fat hot dogs side by side. or a piece of meat cut in half through the side as if someones about to put some potatoes in there. the possibilities are endless.

  • g spills

    it’s Hov trying to be all incognegro and shit…haha. But yeah that is my man from the UK Office. What a weird scene.

  • I doubt this is a scene, Hov is in London doing press/shows etc and I think these two celebs were just caught “vibing” to a song.


  • Kanemku

    LMFAO!!! Idk why i just find this so fuckin hilarious… maybe its just me but man… dude looks funny… ‘preciate his music though so its all good lol

  • wut dey fuuuuuuuuuck is dis…he look real special right here and quite panache =/

  • Royce

    someone give him some crack!! He’s twitchin…haha

    Hova da god!!

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