Wale – Paint a Picture (Mixtape) [REQ]

blame it on Shake June 20, 2008

Yes, I’m aware that this is about 2 years old. Please don’t make a fool out of yourself in the comment section with some irate typing about the late’ness. Shake’s a nice cup (at times) and I got a few requests for some older Wale material. You know, before he blew up on the internets. So here is one of his mixtapes from 2006. Pretty sure it was his second. I’ll upload the first (Hate is the New Love) sometime later. So hit the jump and listen to Wah-lay over some Hov, T.I., ‘Ye, Big Daddy Kane and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Wale Revere
02 Touch the Sky
03 Wale’s Service Announcement
04 Dig Dug (Shake It)
05 Imaginary Players
06 Am I Areaming
07 Whisper to Em
08 I Ain’t Sprung
09 Spectacular f. Raheem Devaughn
10 Tell me
11 Slow Down
12 Even if it’s Wrong
13 Yea E,Yea E
14 Get This Money
15 Get Throwed
16 Mary Mary
17 They Warming Up Kane
18 What They Know About Wale
19 Take This Ring
20 Rhyme of the Century
21 One Thing About a Playa
22 A.D.D.

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Paint a Picture (Mixtape)

  • Word, this was one of this better jawns – this and Hate Is The New Love. Hopefully my man Marky squashed the beef he has with Wale.

  • shake do you have any early charles hamilton mixtapes like charlie and the Chocolate factory?(yeah he named a mixtape that)

  • This is old :P

  • HAHA! Good mixtape! Thanks for bringing this one forward!

  • atl

    i got 100 miles & runnin, which i got before Hate Is New Love came out. So I dont know if this is 2nd or 3rd or whatever, but thanks for the upload

  • 100miles&running was in 2007

  • Thanks for sharin this ish.

  • Thought I had all the mixtapes so far…..I’ll check this out too…off to bed. lol

  • macandcheese

    Rhyme of the Century is crazy, funny i just got this yesterday, his other tapes were too good i had to cop it. Track 6 is sick too.

  • Butta

    Paint A Picture was the first mixtape.
    Hate Is The New Love was second.
    100 Miles & Running is third.
    The Mixtape About Nothing was the last one to be released.

  • Good lookin’ out. Don’t see myself giving it much play considering how dope Mixtape About Nothing was, but I’ll DL it anyway

  • Weebie Johnson

    Liked 100 miles & runnin better than mixtape about nothing actually.
    this one has some sweet tracks on it tho-

    ‘live from the freebase factory- ay chuck, i need a hit!’ -get this money

  • 215jawn

    Link is downn

  • RK6

    I just started listening to this dude on that mixtape he has called “Mixtape About Nothing”

  • J-EaRLy

    Go0d lookin on this-i was missin a few tracks

  • 100 Miles and Runnin’ is easily his best to date, but the other 3 are still quality.

  • Thanks Shake, i actually didnt expect to wake up and find this. Good lookin out.

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  • Ayy Dude looking for Charles Hamilton Charlie in the Choc Factory Mixtape…(ko0l)

    I talked to charles, he said it was up for a minute but he took it down to re release it later in the year just to tease everyone. Don’t worry it’ll be up soon at drop-bomb.com

    We look out for our fans, unlike Shakes lazy ass over here haha.

  • riight.

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  • True Story. Once threw a dude from a two story.


    Flow mo sicker, so much shake in the street
    they measure my weight in richter

    and Shake, you know you my mans, so I ain’t tryin to go on you…
    cuz a lot of people don’t know this, even DMV residents…
    but Wale’s first tape was “Prolly Know Me From The Rap”
    second was “Paint A Picture”
    third was “Hate Is The New Love”
    fourth was “100 Miles & Running”
    fifth was “The Mixtape About Nothing”
    not to mention other mixtapes he was on like “Capital Connection” and such
    just a lil’ fact to throw out there…and nah, i ain’t got a copy of “Prolly Know Me From The Rap”…I wish I did though lol

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  • Skylar

    Wale is worth a re-up no matter what the year, I just put myself onto the cat and he doesn’t take himself too seriously which is nice to hear in this age. The beats are sometimes hot as hell as well.

  • i wonder if the almighty dopeboyz ever found prolly know me from the rap…
    i myself wasted quite a bit of time searching for it in vain

  • yeah

  • Nicholas

    shake thanks for posting this up
    searching for while