Gemstones – The Testimony of Gemstones (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake June 21, 2008

Blogging world seems to be dead today huh? That doesn’t stop the dopeboyz. Haha, it’s like were superheroes or something. How about another gem to add to the FNF collection? Gemstones new mixtape, The Testimony of Gemstones (Fahrenheit 1/15 v.6). I still feel like there was a volume missing in that series. Dah well, shouts to the homie Patrick for the heads up and Keena for the link!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Gemstones – Testimony of Gemstones


    First? Good looks.

  • C.A.L.

    Seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this. Thanks Shake

  • NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa


    i’m lost. i thought Lupe only did 3.

  • There was a volume missing, Shake. Volume 4 has never been released. I think it is supposed to be Shayla G’s mixtape.

    Knee, Lupe did the first three, #4 was never released and Gemstones released Vol. 5 & 6

  • Hell yeah, finally a quality version of “We On”. That song alone is proof that Gemini and Lupe have flow mastered.

  • yea thats what i was thinkin carrera. thanks for clearing it up.

  • Yeah, bwoy! Been a long time coming. Good looks, Shake..my Vegas brethren haha

  • we hittin up a SeDrew Price show tonight then wildin out on the strip. hit the email if you down haha

  • Goddamn, work haves me forgettin’ about all the events. I remember when Lupe came to Hard Rock in March…I straight….forgot lol. Do you wild out on the Strip all the time? Haha…It’s goin’ down 4th of July weekend though

  • not at all, just the past two weekend. cali friends have been coming down and its inevitable that we tear it up hahaha.

  • Yeah, I’ma have some ppl down from Cali comin’ around the 4th…I gotta watch myself though…I got shot at a couple weeks ago (wrong place, wrong time) I’ma get at you later on though. Gotta handle that grown man business right now. Peace

  • ah nice its out now

  • Q.P

    Wow this is 1 of the rawest mixtapes I’ve heard. From the intro, just opening up like that..and his flow..man, I can’t believe people really believe he’s wack. I can’t fathom how they could make a statement so outrageously wrong..

  • MrRogers

    would it be too much to fix the tags on this joint?….i mean u took the time to write 2-dope after each one of them

  • how are the tags messed up? i just ran it thru my tag&rename program. its not like i do each one lol and if you dl’d the original this is WAY better. the other didnt have ANY info, just filenames in caps

  • atl

    the one i have is 01 TRACKNAME, 02 TRACKNAME, etc. dunno if thats what he is talkin about… but thanks again for the upload. im a big fan of gemini

    i think its pretty real how he calls himself out for pretty much lying on Untamed Beast and putting on a fake persona

  • Thanks for upping a re-tagged version…

  • HaloHEad

    This is one of the best mixtapes i’ve herd in a while no lie. Dude is a beast but stay away from the R&B!

  • Mr. Rogers

    the album wont go in order on my itunes….i aint feel like fixing it last night…its cool

  • zepho1

    Dude needs a new cover designer… [email protected] HOLLA lol… JK!!… kinda

  • if its anyone, its me! haha

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  • I’m in mixtape overload. *coughs post Southeast Slim coughs*

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  • NBS


  • D.STL

    Big ups to the 1st & 15 family they making good music

  • Just in case you didnt know vol 4 is the leaked version of food and liquor.

  • Nicholas