• http://www.yungdrew.com Yung Drew

    Nice, some nu T.I.P.

  • nation

    I didn't know this was off Paper Trail... guess I should throw it up

  • BLuHaZe

    nice one.

  • atl

    tried to convince her that he in gods arms now
    she said i dont believe that its a god right now

    damn..nice track from TI.

  • Nero

    these verses. to a different beat. with a different hook.

    wouldve made an ill song.

  • http://findasoul4sale.blogspot.com Find A Soul 4 Sale

    TIP is a beast lyrically
    hope he left that childish
    king of the sandbox south shit alone
    and concentrate on making good prison rap music

  • sloop

    just cross out everything in your comment

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  • m

    this version gotta be before mixing or mastering or somethin, right? pretty sure the refrain ain't gonna sound like that in the final version.

    not that I mind the raw sound of it.

  • JayDEEChangedMEE

    a whole half day without a post!
    the worlds comin' 2 an end.

  • sloop

    i was gunna say the same thing, but its a sunday so

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    haha, ya'll called me out on that one. i've been gettin back to full power hahaha.

    shake is back and it's on.

  • sloop

    weak, just add a new track, we wanted maybe a new post shakedizzle. hittin to many sunday blunts got you passed out

  • Tony

    just listened to a better day, sick track imo.

  • http://findasoul4sale.blogspot.com Find A Soul 4 Sale

    the rapist and the snitch
    this joint [Paper Trail] leaking like crazy

  • http://myspace.com/ebonycoe Ebz 202 owww

    lol @ the rapist....f-ck r. kelly....I can't listen to that track but......how is T.I. a snitch though? A Better Day is pretty nice...hope he left tryna be a g all the time and the dumb gun sh-t behind and you know stay out of jail and act like he got like 4 kids.

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