Vordul Mega – Megagraphitti (prod. Zach One)

blame it on Shake June 27, 2008

We premiered the video for this the other day and I finally got my hands on the .mp3. I saw there were a few fans in the comments so you know I had to share it. Along with a few tid bits. Vordul’s upcoming album, Megagraphitti, will be dropping August18th. CanOx fans can rejoice as there are two tracks featured. What do people think about a new CanOx album? It would be incredibly hard to top Cold Vein. Hit the jump for the tracklist…

DOWNLOAD: Vordul Mega – Megagraphitti (prod. Zach One)

1.) Stay Conscious (produced by Zach One)
2.) AK-47 f/ Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) (produced by Opto)
3.) Opium Scripts f/ billy woods (produced by Bond)
4.) Hattori Hanzo (produced y DJ Marmaduke)
5.) Air Battery f/ Tommy Gunn (Megalon of Monsta Island Czars) & billy woods (produced by Bond)
6.) Trigganomics (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
7.) Broken Halo f/ Invizzibl Men & Hi-Coup (produced by Lex Boogie)
8.) Light (produced by Bond)
9.) In the Mirror f/ Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) (produced by Sid Roams)
10.) Beautiful (produced by Armyfatigue)
11) Learn (produced by Ravage)
12.) Peanut Butta Up’s (produced by DJ Marmaduke)
13.) Keep Living f/ billy woods (produced by El-P)
14.) Imani (produced by Essex Dogs)
15.) Megagraphitti (produced by Zach-One)

  • new Cannibal Ox album would be crazy.

  • Unxpekted

    Thank you so fucking much perfect timing throwing this on my ipod right before the gym…

    I will be benching 315 to this track..

  • OhZe

    Only 1 El-P track? smh. Cold Vein imo top 3 NY album of all time, and a personal uber favorite, but I can only be pessimistic from what we’ve heard from them since. Especially from Vast Aire, who fell off harder than anyone could. If Cold vein 2 is 100% El P production, in that same style, itll be a hit though.

    Vordul never really dropped off TOO hard, but just not as complex as he used to be. This new song thouhg, this new song givrs hope, we’ll see. His other album was a bit of a bore. The song with Megalon should be crazy, they both have the same style.

  • i knew it! lol


    Cypher Unknown suckas.

  • That looks like it’ll be crazy. The whole squad is on there, Vast, Billy Woods, Ravage, Megalon. It’s too bad that the cats that Vast runs with and more of the old Def Jux, Atoms Family crew don’t get down with Vordul as much.