Killer Mike – A Millie Freestyle [NoTags]

blame it on Shake June 29, 2008

[vimeo 1248651]

Yep. More A Millie after my rant against them. You may remember I said I’ll only post if it’s someone I care about as an emcee or they kill it to no end. Well, Killer Mike fits both. I apologize for the horrible voice-tagging job these guys did (I’ll update when I get it without). But this needs to be heard regardless. Will be featured on DJ Jelly’s upcoming mix cd, dropping July 4th. Above is the making of of the track itself. All courtesy of DJ Hotsauce. UPDATE: Added the Dirty/NoTags for ya’ll.

DOWNLOAD: Killer Mike – A Millie Freestyle [NoTags]

  • dude goes hard

  • your favorite favourite favorite favore

    How is this a freestyle? Peep the vid

  • is he going at someone in particular?

  • Check out my MILLIE BLOG, http://www.myspace.com/ecadvakit

  • Nonchalant Misfit

    “is he going at someone in particular?”

    ^ try Weezy

  • I wasn’t planning on listening to any more covers either but this is Killer Mike I MUST make an exception lol. It’s a cover not a freestyle just because I thought a freestyle was supposed to come off the top of your head while the beat is going w/o writing anything down. Uh oh @ and you’re tryna be Hova….lol @ fake bloods. He indeed goes hard…oh snap at the lil’ outkast drop.

  • slcik

    jelly looks wack as fuck with that stupid shit hanging from his chin!!!

  • OhZe

    you think this is good? Why? its a weak verse, like most of Mikes verses recently, he soudns dated compared to waynes verse

  • lol….

  • Yeah, I don’t know what’s the big deal about Killer Mike. I was never really feeling him. He’s alright, though.