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blame it on Shake June 29, 2008

Before I go get some greasy pizza to help this slight hang over from last night I wanted to drop a few tracks. How do I go from getting kicked out of Caesar’s Palace to meeting up with my man Tunji at like 4:30am only to get home around 6-7am haha. Whatever though I had a blast. Don’t worry I got you in 2 weeks Tunj! Looking at my I need to upload folder it seems that there are a lot of heaters from the Windy City. So let’s get it going in one post. Most (if not all) came from Boogz & Andrew of course. We got the first leak off The Cool Kids’ upcoming mixtape (That’s Stupid, dropping Tuesday!). We got more unreleased Lupe Fiasco. An unreleased Rhymefest joint with Mikkey Halsted as well as a new track off Mikkey’s upcoming mixtape (Unkrowned City). A very dope cut from the original Juice (who took Eminem down in a battle). And finally, Bullet getting over Nas’ Hero.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Hold It Down (prod. DJ Marbll)
DOWNLOAD: The Cool Kids – Dinnertime
DOWNLOAD: Rhymefest – Drifter f. Mikkey Halsted
DOWNLOAD: Mikkey Halsted – Dear Summer
DOWNLOAD: Bullet – Hero Freestyle
DOWNLOAD: Juice – That’s Me (prod. DJ Emmaculate)


    Jeez, wtf @ Lupe shit leaking like a faucet.

    Good shit tho. Thx as usual.

  • Frisco

    JUICE> all the other backpacking faygs

  • Frisco

    oops i thought it was AZ JUICE not the wack one from chicago

  • (chi) juice >>>>>>>>>> (az) juice.

    for real for real.

  • E-Side LBC

    oops i thought it was AZ JUICE not the wack one from chicago


    Me Too.

  • JayDEEChangedMEE

    Juice = freestyle flow.
    &yes juice>”anyotherMC”

  • MrRogers

    where is all this unreleased Lupe coming from?…and who’s gonna zip it up and/or make a mixtape?

  • That cool kids is fiyaaaa

    good lookin as always!

  • “””(chi) juice >>>>>>>>>> (az) juice.

    for real for real.”””

    and i couldn’t agree more.

  • Damiani

    damn…. we need a rar file with all that chi shit thats been coming out… these individual links take forever lol

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  • lethal

    Juice (the movie) >>> Ju(st) Ice >>> Juice (chi) >>> Juice (AZ) >> Juice (white Bronco)

    oh and

    drink > juice

  • awesome site man! nice presentation. i liked it very much. so proffesional.!.

  • rofl @ the thought of AZ Juice being close to the level that MC Juice is on.