Looks like the Clipse are going to film a video for their latest single, Fast Life. Has the song grown on the dopeboyz and dopegirlz out there that weren't feeling it originally or what? Hit the jump for more pictures, courtesy of Electric Army (who also has some behind the scenes video)...


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  • http://forums.vwvortex.com/zeroforum?id=102 jron

    The song has grown on me for sure. Hopefully the song and video do well for them.

  • http://underagedthinking.wordpress.com jon.C

    they're short...

  • NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa

    i listened to about the 30 seconds that turned it off.

    i'll wait for the video.

  • http://myspace.com/ebonycoe Ebz 202 owww

    Looks interesting....they flow nice on that song but I don't like it that much.....it hasn't grown on me.....they've done so much better.

  • http://myspace.com/djd2 Djdsquared

    For real this is one of the better songs that has come out in the past few months why can't you all give a little props every once in a while. Clipse track is better then anything I have heard on the Carter 3 or anything else that has leaked in the past month give props where props are due.

  • http://www.d.com LILolife

    this is a great jam....it did grow on me. if no one knew Scott Storch produced it it would be less hated on. the lines are great...."tell the feds to take more pictures!!"

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