Method Man on Nutz in the Morning (Video)

blame it on Shake June 30, 2008


Method Man, one of Shake’s favorite artists, calls into Power98.3 with the Nutz in the Morning to talk about hip hop, his music, Redman (give us Blackout 2 already!!), the Ice-T x Soulja Boy fuckery and more.

  • bamboozeled

    Whats with the 3rd person references? You sound like a under appreciated chihuahua. Shake get over yourself, you probaly look like you mama shake’d you as a infant. Your writing is horrendous take an eng 101 class.

  • yea. i can see that you are doing so well for yourself. its always easy to judge and ridicule when you are behind a monitor screen and all that is seen are words. blah blah blah, have a nice day.

  • hey bamboozled – eat a fat one. this is a blog, so chill back.

    Shake > you.

    and Method >>>> most.

  • Meth is right dog… cant hate em for making it… but it’s still garbage!