• bamboozeled

    Whats with the 3rd person references? You sound like a under appreciated chihuahua. Shake get over yourself, you probaly look like you mama shake'd you as a infant. Your writing is horrendous take an eng 101 class.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    yea. i can see that you are doing so well for yourself. its always easy to judge and ridicule when you are behind a monitor screen and all that is seen are words. blah blah blah, have a nice day.

  • http://vexrog.blogspot.com the Rawg

    hey bamboozled - eat a fat one. this is a blog, so chill back.

    Shake > you.

    and Method >>>> most.

  • http://power983fm.com philler

    Meth is right dog... cant hate em for making it... but it's still garbage!