• 100 Proof

    its about damn time sumone flipped that coldplay jawn up, that shit is more hiphop than most of these backpackers claim to be, props on this shit, its hella dope...

  • Graphic Phantom

    THANK YOU! It kills me that Cunninlynguists are criminally ignored. A Piece Of Strange and Dirty Acres are 2 classic ass albums. I was fortunate enough to see them live in SF about a month ago and they KILLED IT! propz on the the best site on the net.


  • AbbaDabba

    good stuff... love the beat

  • http://hhfanatic.blogspot.com HHF

    Damn that was dope.

  • http://www.stuntinonprose.com Mark Twain Fame

    good lawd, goo punchin that was delicious.*

    (*nada none never to all of thee above)

  • Clark

    wow this is dope thanks for the post. Cunninlynguists are definitely being overlooked they are one of those underground gems.

  • http://onthevista.wordpress.com illslickwest

    goddamn this only got 6 posts? this shit still gets regular spins from me. could y'all re up the instro?