Fabolous Backstage At Funkmaster Flex's Car Show (Video)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chFF-I_g4_U] Fab, Maino, and Paul Cain catch up at car show. All they're missing is Joe Budden for a full reunion. On a semi-related note, remember when DJ Clue? used to have the mixtape game on chin check status thanks to exclusive freestyles from these guys? Shouts to Steve for this one.

Where the Beef is Inevitable, Summertime's Unforgetable...

I knocked out Chicago a few posts ago, now it's time to conquer NY. I didn't get around to posting these tracks so they all get the bunched up treatment. Shouts to the NMC for most of these. We got a double up from both Papoose as well as Red Cafe (Eviction Notice, July1st!). Big

U-N-I - "Soul Hop" Video Shoot (Snippets)

So in between a mad weekend where I went to a bachelor party for one of my closest friends and had to help prevent my other friend from punching out some nerd in glasses at the movie theater, I managed to make it to the U-N-I's video shoot for "Soul Hop," the latest single off

Rhyme Asylum - Unreasonable f. Diabolic x Attitude Problem f. Copywrite

Us dopeboyz, we like to travel. Last post was Chicago related now we're heading across seas. My man Gremlin hit me off with a few tracks off of the latest album, State of Lunacy (out now), from the UK's Rhyme Asylum. Both tracks feature a dope guest spot from both Diabloic & Copywrite. I know

My Name is Wendy and I Like to Blow Trees...

Before I go get some greasy pizza to help this slight hang over from last night I wanted to drop a few tracks. How do I go from getting kicked out of Caesar's Palace to meeting up with my man Tunji at like 4:30am only to get home around 6-7am haha. Whatever though I had

Obie Trice - The Giant (off Shady Records!?)

The homie Zack sent this through and I thought his description wasn't right until I heard it. WTF happened!? I honestly don't know the story behind this and I wish I did. Anyone have the scoop? Obie is off Shady/Interscope? No more second place to Eminem? I'm so confused. DOWNLOAD: Obie Trice - The Giant

DJ Biz - Squad Monster (Mixtape)

This came through the inbox and the artwork caught my eye, that is one ugly muhfucker haha. DJ Biz puts together a good little mix of music from Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Fabolous & Jadakiss. If you were able to create a monster, what aspects of each emcee would you fuse together? Tracklist + Download link

Jay-Z at Glastonbury 2008 (Full Performance) (Video)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-xFoiQGFRA] Just what I thought, more footage came out from Glastonbury 2008. I wasn't expecting the full Hov show, but it's all here. Despite all the fuckery that came along with this, it's really a great step for hip hop as a whole. I wish Shake was in the audience. Him opening up to Wonderwall