Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes) Beats On Fan (Video)

blame it on Shake July 2, 2008


I was just about to head out for some pizza when waxx hit me with a link to this video. During a set at the Warper Tour, Gym Class Heroes front man was wild out on a fan for calling him an fucking ignorant nigger. Travis perceeded to mollywhop dude over the head with his mic. Being arrested for third-degree assault and later released on $500 bail. Hit MTV for the full scoop.

Speaking of Gym Class, this gives me a chance to talk about the show. I saw Gym Class Heroes, Academy Is… and Cobra Starship last week. All three acts were pretty dope. Gym Class in particular. I have NO clue what one of the comment people were talking about when they said they sucked live. Complete opposite. From doing all their previous material to a cover of Prince’s When Doves Cry to performing some new joints, including this crazy infectious cut (Peace Sign) which will feature Busta Rhymes on the upcoming album, The Quilt. I can’t wait til they get on tour with The Roots. That is gonna be amazing. Put your peace signs up, put your index down! And yes, rare and unreleased Gym Class Heroes is still on the way haha…

  • Hipster rappers keep it realer than gangster rappers!?

  • “I was just about to head out for some pizza….”
    typical shake lol

  • O’sH

    video aint 2 clear

  • jeff

    I was the one who said they sucked live. I’ve heard from many people that have seen them that this is not the case, all i was sayin is i saw them about a year ago with P.O.S. AND K-OS and GCH didnt seem like they wanted to be there and werent working the crowd or anything, they brought very little energy. And after seeing P.O.S (one of the best live performers i’ve seen) and K-Os who i had never heard of but put on a crazy show, GCH was just put to shame. i still got love for GCH and am lookin forward to there new material. maybe i just caught them on a bad night.

  • O’sH

    i perdict that the dude is not only goin to sue travis but that more than likely he’s goin 2 win the case but GCH manager is talkin bout dude hit him n the knee or wateva and thats y travis reacted lets keep it 100 if u call a black person a nigger u aint gotta get hit 2 hit them 1st so i think thats bullshit…not saying that neither was rite but where was security so they could take care of this problem before trav had 2


    Well, Travie used to be strung out on pills etc. Jeff, you coulda just caught him on one of those days.

    Now…Trav…good job.

  • Benny B.

    Ha…you said mollywhopp. I use that term all the time thanks to “The Fresh Prince” when he’s leaving the pool hall with Uncle Phil the hustla.

  • to O’SH: secuirty was right there in the yellowish green coats. them big niggas tryna hold travis back…at least I think that was security…

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  • Sp00ky

    okay, im black. i got over all the racism and junk im all for peace. we shouldn’t even say that to each other. it just says that its okay for somebody else to call us that. if we are able to say it to each other why shouldn’t anybody else. i don’t like when my friends say it. just because u take off the “er” and change that to an “a” doesn’t mean its right!!!!