Nas Responds to Untitled Leak (Video)

blame it on Shake July 3, 2008


Nas himself speaks about the leak of his upcoming album, Untitled. Gee, didn’t I tell ya’ll? Cop that shit July 15th! Also hit the jump for another Nas/Superhero promo, this time Nas’ Hero with Hancock (which I haven’t seen yet, but want to).

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  • HD

    haha nas is awesome

  • yes he is…GOOD LOOKING NAS!!!! A true living legend in my eyes…..GENIUS!!!! album is ri-DONK-ulous!!!!

  • ziggi

    Lol. Nas is ridiculous, good looking…

  • Larry

    I’m still buyin it.

  • Psycho

    Nas looked as if he still has something up his sleeve with the album being leaked!! Its as if he planned out the leak!! Maybe Nas knows that this isnt the real release that has been leaked or maybe its his strategy to leak the album to have people open up there minds about the album. Either way the album is a good quality of work and even if it doesnt do the numbers the message alone is what matters the most!! Nas you stepped out of the box with this one!!! As always!! ITs FIRE!!

  • Jones

    Im buying this ish most definatly, props to Nas.


    Wtf was going on there…

    “it’s soo excitin”

    Vid buggy for anyone else?

  • k00pa

    lol at that vid Nas is a tru nigga this album is a must have

  • theres more to come….2 weeks is a long time in hip-hop…we’ll seeee…..nas lookin suspect, i KNO theres more….

  • hahahaha, you’re all reading into this too much. It is what it is, quit the Mr. Fantastic shit.

  • ya dig?

    Hancock’s aiight, pretty funny

  • Cesc

    I don’t know if Nas got anything up his sleeve, it wouldn’t surprise me. But I think it is what it is right now. One thing I know is Nas never gave a fuck about record sales or going platinum or whatever.. he ain’t a rapper that appeals much commerically. He’s a rapper’s rapper, that’s why most tru hip-hop stans like him, and that’s why he’s my favourite rapper lol. Up until two days ago, the Nigger Mixtape was in my opinion the best album of 2008!!

  • Cesc

    P.S. – it’s so fuckin excitin!

  • Paul Is So Dope

    The difference is that this won’t sell a million in the first week.

  • Ko0L

    i bet if theres another promo it will have batman in it

  • WMD

    shake, we need to start a Support Nas Campaign with all the blogs to help nas sell a million in the first week.

  • ziggi

    Hell YEah, though quite unfortunatley, I feel that this album i simply too “Real” to sell a millie first week. Nas ain’t coonin or making songs for women to shake they ass to, this right here is true social commentary on the isues surrounding the black community and also I have to admire the pure bravery and BALLS it took for Nas to go with a single like Be A Nigger Too and promote that over something like Hero or Make the World Go Around. This is the THRID tie that Nas has chosen ART to represent his album over flash and bullshit.

    Streets Disciple= Bridging the Gap

    Hip Hop Is Dead= Hip Hop IS dead as lead single

    Untitled= Be a Nigger too

    Nas is a true example of an artist choosing his single as true representation of the overarching themes of his album. And sadly, that is also an artistic triumph that will limit sales.

    But fuck it, I’m Nas’s biggest fan and I’m getting two copies come the 15th. Nas ALWAYS gets my support..


    GOD SON murks every track he spits on i am sure every true hip hop fan will buy it

  • Queens (ABC)Asian B*tch Chick

    I got myself 7 and his tag on some. He’s so hot. He’s got this chick’s support and I’ll be shaking my heart’s A$$ to this one too. Love the guy. He speaks the truth. Never sells out. I love him. His mother’s in heaven with Kanye’s mother and Tupac’s mother wit all a mothers.