• http://www.stuntinonprose.com Mark Twain Fame

    interesting cover...def a different cover for someone like Tip.

  • eightysbaby

    I like it. Its certainly not a typical T.I. cover with him posing in front of the trap. And I really haven't heard a song I haven't liked yet either.

    *Bumps What Up*

  • http://www.alumnah.com. green eyes

    i like it. besides, its a not like he really could have posed all thugnificent like in front of a gaggle of guns.

  • http://vexrog.blogspot.com the Rawg

    I'd never spend a dime on Tip's music.

  • eightysbaby

    Yea, the feds are waiting for the ignant cover

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    i love it. i just wish the music would take as many chances as the cover.

  • http://myspace.com/168496120 Lexx

    I like the explanation for it..

  • MISTA23

    Co-sign khal.

  • http://weworemasks.blogspot.com roshan

    so dope.

  • Art Connaisseur

    i want THAT framed and in MY living room!!!!!