Freeway - Freedom of Speech

Alright, one more post before I bounce. BoBo just shot me an email with a brand new Freeway record. Not a freestyle, this is the title track off his upcoming album, Freedom of Speech. Now don't forget to check out the boobs Back On My Bullshit post below...

DOWNLOAD: Freeway - Freedom of Speech

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  • Kanemku

    Eh... it was alright... but then again i'm not that huge of a fan of Freeway.

    P.S. I've been putting you guys on with some people lol... i even got your link on like one dude's website that does an online radio show haha

  • this is nice

  • Ty

    I guess that Young Chris has inspired Bleak and Freeway to get back on they grizzy...

  • SwaggyGenius

    Freeway is @ the bottom of the rap foodchain in my eyes.

  • O

    i like his beard.

  • Ca$h

    MMP Productions, home of that good Philly sound! Smell me!

  • Ca$h

    Free your flow is "bananas", that North Philly swag....dig me!


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