Rick Ross - Life of the Party x Nothin' Matter x Curtail Call w/ Nina Sky

So I haven't spoke on this whole Rick Ross fuckery. And honestly I don't give a shit. I'm not the biggest Rawss fan so why do I care what he was in the past? I do find it hilarious that TSS pulled his card pretty tough though. Now he's talking shit? Blah... and I put a picture of Nina Sky above instead of C.O. Ross because I enjoy looking at them more. If you want to view Ricky without a shirt, be my guest.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross - Life of the Party Freestyle
DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross - Nothin' Matter Freestyle
BONUS: Nina Sky - Curtain Call f. Rick Ross

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  • BLuHaZe

    oooh Nina Ross Sky...

  • Session


  • Gremlin

    I'm going for Joe Budden to be first with a witty meta for the whole ross thing!

    Maybe Crook! haha!

  • http://drop-bomb.com DrewDown

    Rick Ross photoshop contest: drop-bomb.com

    I wanna see all these suckers claimin photoshop on that rick ross thing enter and prove how it's so easy.

  • http://findasoul4sale.blogspot.com Clyde @ Find A Soul 4 Sale

    who gives a shit if he was a C. O.
    that was way back when
    not that i believe he was some drug dealer either
    but hey
    i just do the music
    fuck the reality
    we let Pacino pass as a Cuban
    we can allow Ross to pass
    nah fuck that
    him & Akon ethered themselves

  • Paul Roy

    the real rick ross is a skinny nigga in jail who actually sold dope
    this fat lazy-flow retard rapper is just coppin the real ricks persona and runnin with it

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Consequence - "That Dude" (Video)

Cons & his son run amok in a toy store. Best. Thing. Ever.

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