• NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa

    i got an autographed copy of that ZO! and Tigallo joint.

    shit is perfect for this summer weather.

    and if you don't know about NERD "You Know What" you are playing yourself.

  • NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa

    dam that Ne-Yo song went hard... just read it is a tribute to Michael Jackson.. he does one on every album... last album it was "Can We Chill"... idk if the first one had a tribute.

    and when i say "tribute" i mean... he makes a song in the Thriller fashion.

  • sinnister

    shake likes phonte ALOT!

  • JaYdAgR8

    ya know phonte's made some clssic shit wit little brother...
    a dope joint with nicolay...
    a dope joint with zo!....
    he should do a solo rapping album and a solo singing.....

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