Asher Roth Performs at Fuggin Awesome (Video)

blame it on Shake July 26, 2008


John Brown’s favorite person, Asher Roth, went to Fuggin Awesome 4 and performed for his first time ever. Above he does Cannon and after the jump he performs Rub On Your Tits, Dey Know, Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On Em), La Di Da Da Da and I Love College. So what are people thinking about Asher? Since his mixtape dropped I’ve been giving it a few spins a week and I dig it…

Rub On Your Tits


Dey Know


Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On Em)


La Di Da Da Da


I Love College


[via AtlantaUrbanMix]

  • dude can spit, i’ll give him that. not gonna lie, his whole persona irks me though. i feel like his flow rides em a little too hard…and he tries to prove that ‘he’s not a rapper’ too much…. kinda like how paul shirley (if anyone read his book “can i keep my jersey”) goes out of his way to tell everyone that he’s not a basketball player…

  • Asher roth is the illest.

    Is america ready for a white kid who rhymes dope who doesn’t want to kill people? We’ll find out.

  • K

    the kid is crazy….this fool is bringing that Tribe…De La…Jungle Brothers…Golden Era…lyrical genius back to the game….I’m a N*gga and I know my hip hop…and I’m not a fan of Jeezy…Weezy…whoeverthefuckelse-eezy….This kid is just dope and can murder anyone in the game right now…besides Jigga and Nas of course….how did Jigga pass on this cat? He has to be kickin’ himself in the head for letting this kid go.

  • K

    I know there’ll be some haters out there that may think this kid can’t flow because he’s white….but this kid could be the open door for bringing hip hop back to its true artform…no disrespect to the south..I live in the south…but most southern music, lyrical ocntent and message is horrible. Look, if you’re on that southern tip…that’s cool….but disrespect the game by trying to put Lil Weezy in the same breath as Nas, Jigga, Talib, Common, Black Thought…This kid can bring that type of lyrical swag to the table…anyway, I’m off the soapbox….In 6 to 8 months this kid will be the biggest name out there…..

  • Muzik

    Asher is syck. Str8 Hip Hop No Bull. I can’t wait 2 hear more….

  • dv8

    looks like roth’s boys are on blog patrol again. nice, long handjobs on these boards.

  • I like Asher, and like him even more now that I know he can put on a show but there’s a little part of me that doubts he can be very successful because of the EM similiarities, especially since EM is coming back out. Me personally, I don’t see the point in labeling people (or rappers) by color/race, but it is what it is, this is America…

  • JaYdAgR8

    ehhhhhhhh, im not sure about dude….
    its not even the whole embracing the what he is thing either im actually glad he does that unilike other correctional officers i mean rappers……
    its more like his style….
    its to eminem
    and i aint wit it
    so asher roth wont be gettin no play in my ipod or cd player

  • i like asher roth… he’s sick.
    if you’re not sure yet – listen to greenhouse effect.

    dude can spit and he’s true to himself… he’s not tryna be anything he’s not. i can appreciate that.

  • bayonne

    this guys is SO wack. it’s like frat funk-rap

  • dee

    John Brown John Brown John Brown John Brown John Brown John Brown John Brown John Brown John Brown John Brown hallelujah holla back fuck roth

  • seeing these dudes live would be pretty crucial, if you ask me. honestly. it ‘d be like a gym class heroes concert. i been in boston, and it was great.

    also, anything with a live band CRANKS. that’s the way everybody should perform. wale sold out a NYC show with a GOGO band! that’s DC selling out NYC?! do you realize that!?

    that’s wild. asher is nice. he needs to make his whole album like this. i think it’s not pittsburg slim vs. asher, it’s travie vs. asher. only cuz they rap KINDA similarly, and have bands. so nobody should come at me talking nonsense.

  • Big_E

    yo any1 kno where i can cop dat “i love college” joint?

  • i like the “I Love College” SOng

  • Asher Roth is dope. It is what it is…lol

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