Ludacris – Politics (Obama is Here)

blame it on Shake July 26, 2008

Another new joint off the upcoming Ludacris x DJ Drama mixtape, The Preview. Dropping in it’s entirety come Monday. Luda gets his political rhyme on over some Young Buck goodness.

DOWNLOAD: Ludacris – Politics (Obama is Here)
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  • Bluntman


  • twoface

    i think is real nice!

    ludacris never gets what he deserves respect wise…but whether hes mature or not, he always does bring heat!

  • DOPE!!!…cant wait for the tape on monday…time is goin sooooo slow…haha..

  • That boy luda ridin. but check out lil massive’s kidnap club 4 thuggaz by the menace anutha mc wit vocab

  • YEAH!!!! Ludacris!! Thank you!
    Nas, as well, thank you too!!
    Keep on coming forward musicians and artists! speak the truth!

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  • Ahijah


  • ZeR( )

    Mccain doesn’t need to be in any chair in less he is paralyzed!lol

  • LUDA bringin some heat. Nice beat selection for him on this one!

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  • DopeSir

    damn, the intro to obama is here is evil. really dope..

  • so I’m looking at the top posts on this here blog
    and I noticed that this post is number 3!!!
    higher than NaS and all that other shit
    i can’t believe it

  • hate to bust your shit guys

    Ludacris has always been my favorite rapper because of the brilliant well formed insight that flows perfectly, but this song is just ignorant and extremely harsh.

    First of all Obama is not black, his biological father is a Kenyan, and mother is a white American from Wichita Kansas, and when his parents separated when Barack was 2 his dad went back to Kenya and died in a car accident 20 years later, only getting to see his son once. In the mean time his mother remarried an Indonesian man who he grew up with. They actually moved back to Indonesia where Barack attended school. To me Barack may be biologically, partially African American, but not raised African American. He’s more Indonesian American if anything.

    Now that we are all clear on that, it’s just stupid to say paint the white house black. Here we can see that Ludacris’s house is similar to Barac Obama, dark colors on the outside, light colors on the inside. Check out his mtv cribs episode: http://video.google.com/videosearch?ndsp=21&um=1&hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=jlC&q=ludacris's%20house&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wv#

    Also why the hell would you make fun of someone in a wheel chair!?!?! That’s extremely offensive and unprofessional. It is even more offensive because McCain was in a wheelchair because he was injured in combat. It takes a lot of nerve to make fun of someone for that. We have Snoop Dogg doing the cripwalk and that’s ok, but we make fun of someone injured in combat?!?!?!

    However I am thoroughly impressed to hear that Ludacris used the proper terminology to describe current president, president bush, mentally handicapped instead of retarded, which by the way has nothing at all to do with the upcoming election. Anyway, he continues to make fun of President Bush’s speeches, which is just ignorant as fuck because President Bush doesn’t even write his own speeches. The president of the United States is a figurehead backed by the more important cabinet members.

    If Kid Rock, or someone like that were to say anything half as offensive as what Ludacris has said in this rap, and made fun of Obama and his insufficiencies, sorry-ass al sharpton and jesse jackson would be on him like white on rice, or as Ludacris may say like black on tar.

    If you want to excel, don’t listen to this ignorant bullshit artists (al sharpton, jesse jackson and ludacris), listen to what Bill Cosby has to say, he knows what he’s talking about.

  • madmethodness

    Great… this song will loose Obama millions of votes. The right ring media will play it over and over again just to scare off all the already demoralized midwestern housewife Hillary supporters. We’re supposed to be playing for the center now and Ludacris is painting the Whitehouse black. Ludacris do me a favor and stfu.

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  • madeandcrowned

    I am Black…and this is some dumb sh$t…ya moms should of taught you (Chris Luva) better…Keep your mouth shut..!

  • malibu

    Thanks, Ludacris. McCain will gain 5 points from this, easy. You just gave Rush and Sean talk show material for months.

  • OSupporter

    Wow, nice job giving the Republicans ammo. They’ve even started distributing your video for you here: http://audacitywatch.com/?p=37

    I hope the 30 pieces of silver you earn for this are worth the damage done to our nation’s viable black candidate.

    Purely irresponsible on your part.

  • Mialko

    File not found…=(

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  • thanks for download link

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  • Luda is the illist Mc in Atlanta