I’m Pretty Sure…

blame it on Shake July 28, 2008

…the dudes in the picture above are having the same thoughts as Shake. Hit the jump for the other half of the image I Reggie Bush’d from Khal

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  • elilane

    THATS NICE!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Kim Kardashian + AyyDee = A Kardashian Bashing In

  • kOoPa

    damn my boys are sayin that ass was photoshopped

  • BK Cyph


  • L.A.X.


  • i bet you duke with the hat is wondering, “so that’s where my oranges went…”

  • skeme

    hella nice

  • Dear god, please, just one night, not even, just 20 minutes. Fuck it , 1 minute! I know its cliche to like this girl, but seriously, WOW!

  • NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa

    *through gritted teeth*


  • Lito

    I need kim’s blackberry pin #

  • gav


  • fake or real
    who gives a shit
    this aint no god damn gossip site
    as long as her pussy is good
    her breasts are soft
    head is on point
    i dont give a fuck if she got silicone in her ass

  • Ade

    this aint fake or photoshop aint you seeen the tape lol.

    ray J and reggie i give you props lol

  • whoa!

  • Jay

    ahh man she’s my dream girl.

  • J. Wonder

    just give me three & a half minutes maybe even four!!! haha

  • devon

    i would put my tongue in her asshole

  • Damian

    Sweet Lawrd Jeeesus!

  • elilane

    she irght

    smh at the pervs that canit get pussy


  • >i would put my tongue in her asshole>


  • Lu

    I’m co-signing Clyde to the FULLEST! lol

  • omggggg

    that ass aint photoshoped

  • eightysbaby

    i dont give a fuck if it is photoshopped, that shit is nice.

  • Big_E

    if i could jus slide my finger down the crack of dat ass…..shiiiit.

  • yeah i’d love to hold a handful of that ass. seriously.

  • God Damn I Love Kardashians Ass Id Stick My Tongue In That MMM TASTY!

  • APayne

    The things I would do for that woman. The things I would do…haha.

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice…I like…

  • thegrip


  • I’ll drink her bathwater.

  • APayne

    I’d eat off an ass that good, haha.

  • jeweler of the gems

    I mean she has a nice ass but i see broads with better bodies than that walking around my local Grocery Store…Popularity almays make you look better than you actually are. 1 to 10 I give her about an 8. I mean come on, seriously most of the chicks from Saturday Night Sexy are killing this chick..face AND body wise. I ain’t no hater, cause she is fly but she ain’t that fly. next you will be trying to tell me Paris Hilton doesn’t look like a whippet…if you don’t know what a whippet is, google image that shit.

  • jeweler of the gems

    *always not almays

  • I wouldn’t care if she was a prostitute…
    and that she hit every man with a contract too…
    Cuz that was way before Kim and me…

  • blacknproud314


  • blacknproud314

    why dont you just pull that over to the side…
    lemme tap that mownkay.

  • KSEE

    i wanna fuck her!

  • Peg-Leg

    I would do everything to her…