I'm Pretty Sure...

...the dudes in the picture above are having the same thoughts as Shake. Hit the jump for the other half of the image I Reggie Bush'd from Khal...

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  • elilane

    THATS NICE!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Kim Kardashian + AyyDee = A Kardashian Bashing In

  • kOoPa

    damn my boys are sayin that ass was photoshopped

  • BK Cyph


  • L.A.X.


  • i bet you duke with the hat is wondering, "so that's where my oranges went..."

  • skeme

    hella nice

  • Dear god, please, just one night, not even, just 20 minutes. Fuck it , 1 minute! I know its cliche to like this girl, but seriously, WOW!

  • NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa

    *through gritted teeth*


  • Lito

    I need kim's blackberry pin #

  • gav


  • fake or real
    who gives a shit
    this aint no god damn gossip site
    as long as her pussy is good
    her breasts are soft
    head is on point
    i dont give a fuck if she got silicone in her ass

  • Ade

    this aint fake or photoshop aint you seeen the tape lol.

    ray J and reggie i give you props lol

  • whoa!

  • Jay

    ahh man she's my dream girl.

  • J. Wonder

    just give me three & a half minutes maybe even four!!! haha

  • devon

    i would put my tongue in her asshole

  • Damian

    Sweet Lawrd Jeeesus!

  • elilane

    she irght

    smh at the pervs that canit get pussy


  • >i would put my tongue in her asshole>


  • Lu

    I'm co-signing Clyde to the FULLEST! lol

  • omggggg

    that ass aint photoshoped

  • eightysbaby

    i dont give a fuck if it is photoshopped, that shit is nice.

  • Big_E

    if i could jus slide my finger down the crack of dat ass.....shiiiit.

  • yeah i'd love to hold a handful of that ass. seriously.

  • God Damn I Love Kardashians Ass Id Stick My Tongue In That MMM TASTY!

  • APayne

    The things I would do for that woman. The things I would do...haha.

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice...I like...

  • thegrip


  • I'll drink her bathwater.

  • APayne

    I'd eat off an ass that good, haha.

  • jeweler of the gems

    I mean she has a nice ass but i see broads with better bodies than that walking around my local Grocery Store...Popularity almays make you look better than you actually are. 1 to 10 I give her about an 8. I mean come on, seriously most of the chicks from Saturday Night Sexy are killing this chick..face AND body wise. I ain't no hater, cause she is fly but she ain't that fly. next you will be trying to tell me Paris Hilton doesn't look like a whippet...if you don't know what a whippet is, google image that shit.

  • jeweler of the gems

    *always not almays

  • I wouldn't care if she was a prostitute...
    and that she hit every man with a contract too...
    Cuz that was way before Kim and me...

  • blacknproud314


  • blacknproud314

    why dont you just pull that over to the side...
    lemme tap that mownkay.

  • KSEE

    i wanna fuck her!

  • Peg-Leg

    I would do everything to her...


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