The Clipse – OnDaSpot Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Shake July 29, 2008

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.645214&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Here goes some footage of The Clipse on Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio. So what are people’s thoughts of the Re-Up Gang album? Are ya’ll disappointed with the reused verses and whatnot? Or do you just except it for the original production?

  • Disappointed of coruse…might as well call it We got it for cheap 3.5 if thats gonna be the real album…which im hoping it aint…

  • Jay-P

    yea, the album is weak, and this vid might be even weaker. i know the clipse have never been known for the freestyle abilities, but for them to just step to the mic and drop verses they have already released is lame.

    i have been jockin’ the clipse for years and cant believe how much they have fallen off this summer.

    dudes need to go back to the streets, flip a couple things, and come back w/ some inspiration.

  • regardless… the retarded/engine dumbin line is amazing

  • jalen

    We Got it 4 Cheap 3 was a classic 2 me so i was expected the album 2 be bigger and better but i came up disappointed i thought reusin verses is stupid and i wasnt really the beats either. Re-Up still the best.

    *Waits for Til The Casket Drop*

  • ey

    what verses are pusha t’s from?can anyone tell me

  • jalen

    It may be growin on me now lol

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  • metal24

    dude all i can say is LAME!!

  • webbie352

    malice and pusha look fat now

  • balaramesh

    pusha t is in position to kill us and he used recycled rhymes. not a good look. well, just about no rappers freestylee anymore. they all test rhymes out these days.well, except for the underground ones that stay sharp. even though the clipse are great they are not mainstream yet.

  • balaramesh

    even cassidy and wayne say the same freestyles over and over.
    cassidy does them prolly way more than others though.

  • atl

    i dont think that album sampler or whatever is going to be the real thing, it cant be, can it? all them re used stuff from a mixtape on an album.. cmon

    we got it 4 cheap 3 was great tho

  • IT IS THE ALBUM. why would i lie? check their myspace if you don’t believe me.

  • ^^^Yup its the real thing unfortunally…^^^