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    *acts surprised*

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  • JaYdAgR8

    *Waits on NaS to comment on the situation in 5...4...3...2...1....*

  • showtime

    SO NaS was somewhat right about all this

  • sxcass

    ^ kind of. nas primarily was speaking against fox's racist reporting. this is alottttt bigger

  • LOLcop

    lol yall are actually retarded. you believe everything you fucking hear? holy shit. mcclellan is trying to sell a book. he actually apologized on air to o'reilly and fox news and saying that it was not true at all. stay outta politics, this is a hip-hop site rofl, especially when you just take everything you hear (especially from freakin Keith Olbermann LOL) as fact

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    This is the happiest 5 minutes of my day!! I GOT MY NAME IN A POST ON MY FAVORITE BLOG!!! :)

    I deserve a fucking cookie for this shit! XD

    wrd to shake and the aqua teens....

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    Real Talk...Big Brother is coming, my niggas...

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    I'd actually read about this about a year back- I mean think about it....do you think it'd really be any other way?

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    Yeeee DopeSir atta boi

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    Nas is always right. He's not always coherent though. Nas did speak on this exactly though he said "watch what you're watching. " that's enough for me to say that he spoke on the reality that Fox is what bush uses to tell people what to think. When he wants you to hate a rapper like nas he sends good ol bill out. and pat is just for a guy like luda. and when we get a black guy runnin for president they get the big guns out.