Fox News is Bush League (Video)

blame it on Shake July 31, 2008


2db frequenter, DopeSir, pointed me in the direction of this attack on Faux News as Ex-White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, says that Faux News is a propaganda tool for the White House.

Fox in the White House: It is one of those things you kind of assume to be true all along… and yet are shocked when hard confirmation actually comes. Our fourth story tonight, from the former White House press secretary himself, word that the Bush White House routinely sent–and as far as we know, still sends– literal talking points to Fox News for its primetime propagandists, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and others… to spout, as if ventriloquist dummies, as if they had thought of it themselves, as if they had come to those opinions independently, as if there had been a process either fair… or balanced.

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  • *acts surprised*

  • :)

  • JaYdAgR8

    *Waits on NaS to comment on the situation in 5…4…3…2…1….*

  • showtime

    SO NaS was somewhat right about all this

  • sxcass

    ^ kind of. nas primarily was speaking against fox’s racist reporting. this is alottttt bigger

  • LOLcop

    lol yall are actually retarded. you believe everything you fucking hear? holy shit. mcclellan is trying to sell a book. he actually apologized on air to o’reilly and fox news and saying that it was not true at all. stay outta politics, this is a hip-hop site rofl, especially when you just take everything you hear (especially from freakin Keith Olbermann LOL) as fact

  • DopeSir

    This is the happiest 5 minutes of my day!! I GOT MY NAME IN A POST ON MY FAVORITE BLOG!!! :)

    I deserve a fucking cookie for this shit! XD

    wrd to shake and the aqua teens….

  • Real Talk…Big Brother is coming, my niggas…

  • I’d actually read about this about a year back- I mean think about it….do you think it’d really be any other way?

  • Gnar Gnar!

    Yeeee DopeSir atta boi

  • Nas is always right. He’s not always coherent though. Nas did speak on this exactly though he said “watch what you’re watching. ” that’s enough for me to say that he spoke on the reality that Fox is what bush uses to tell people what to think. When he wants you to hate a rapper like nas he sends good ol bill out. and pat is just for a guy like luda. and when we get a black guy runnin for president they get the big guns out.