Freeway - Hip Hop Lives

The internet can be every rappers best friend, if used right. Freeway is definitely using it to his advantage. Dropping tracks daily to get a buzz going before his upcoming album Freedom of Speech drops. Here goes yet another dope cut, courtesy of Young Sav...

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  • ArJay

    Hop Hop? lmaoooooo Thanks fa this tho lol

  • i've never seen someone laugh that much over a typo haha.

  • Jay

    you should post that response in a new section call random acts of stupidity

  • ArJay

    im high..fa some reason hop hop seemed really funny at the time...meh lol

  • ArJay

    pfft at Jay lol

  • Jay

    u just seem to be laughing at everything my man. that must be some sticky icky your inhalin on

  • ArJay

    naw just some beasters *shrugs*

  • homeboy

    this freeway album will be the shiznit

  • jron

    Good shit.
    Free sounds good on this Vakill beat.

  • I fucks wit Freeway,period.

  • NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa

    haven't heard the song but that pic is dope

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Freeway - "Primates"

Produced by Big Ape.

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The LOX - "Feel My Pain" f. Rick Ross

Could this be a sign that We Are the Streets 2 will be arriving soon?

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