Megan Rochell – Caught Up

blame it on Meka July 31, 2008

I first heard of Megan Rochell off of Ghostface’s last album, now Steve-O shot over her latest single. I actually digs the fuck out of this beat. On a semi-related note, how do most R&B acts sometimes end up with the best beats that shoulda been rapped over first? Makes no sense.

DOWNLOAD: Megan Rochell – Caught Up

  • Jay

    this track is dope.and i think that in this day there arnt any good enough rappers that can serve beats like this. the few good ones make rare and special appearances and dont wayne hop everysong

  • LMFAO! wayne pop every song. wayne doesn’t even rap if you ask me. its straight garbage juice this track is old though. if this was on some old Premo beat! Oh My Gosh! heaven…

  • Ty

    Whoa…talk about eye candy

  • Cru Jones

    not a fan

  • i’ve been listening to megan rochell for like 3 years now… i was sure she was shelfed for good.

    glad to see she’s got some material out

  • O’sH

    because 7 times outta 10 singers sale better than rappers signing a singer is a safer bet than signing a rapper & sometimes producers dont want certain rappers or rap period on their beats

  • Allow me to weigh in on this one kids, As a producer i can attest that Emcees are some cheap ass muhfuckas. “Yo let me cop that beat/ I will trade you beats/ what do you mean BUY a beat?!?”
    And so on… However R&B acts usually have a financial backer that is thinking more than just posters and CD print cost, and are generally more open to spending on the actual content of said project (GASP!!) Rappers just wanna rap, and usually think that thier presence is enough to make crap dope. So they do they little rhyme thing over whatever beats they can get for free or download at 10$ a pop. You get what you pay for… I have no problem giving a banger to a singer if they can pay for it… better than hoping some kid with a note book will blow off of it, which even if they did industry heads would convince to work with inhouse cats instead of paying a unknown.