Sean Price In The Middle of Nowhere (Video)

blame it on Shake July 31, 2008


When it comes to Duck Down, it’s always best to let their description do the talking: When you’re on a dirt path in the middle of UTAH getting passed by garbage trucks, it can seem all too much like a scene out of “The Hills Have Eyes.” Luckily Sean Price and his two Jewish Road Managers made it back to Brooklyn, NY safely, where Sean Price could complete the new Heltah Skeltah album “D.I.R.T.” in stores September 30th on Duck Down Records. I.Cant.Wait.

  • mr. ffeelly

    Best Busta impression ever!

  • restless

    hell yes.. i was buggin over a Sean P line last night..

    “eh yo, sean price for prez, chaundon for vice..
    … something about slice n dice..
    i’ll mike tyson your moms and riddick bowe your hoe..
    felix trinidad ya dad to get dough….”

    oh shit.. alittle bias since i’m a boxing fan, but.. raw none the less

  • Geebo

    haha… that busta shit is tooooo funny!