Termanology – Politics As Usual (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake July 31, 2008

Been doing a few of these Artwork x Tracklist post lately so we might as well add Termanology and his upcoming album, Politics As Usual (September 30th), to the mix. The artwork looks far too mixtape’ish for an LP cover. But whatever, as long as the music is good, I’m good. Hit the jump for the full artwork and tracklist (with production credits). Some decent guest spots (Prodigy, Bun B, Sheek Louch, Freeway, etc). The production list is where it’s at though. Hi-Tek, Premo, Buckwild, Easy Mo Bee, Nottz, Pete Rock, Large Professor, etc. Damn…

1.) Its Time (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)
2.) Watch How It Go Down (Produced by DJ Premier)
3.) Respect My Walk (Produced by Buckwild)
4.) Hood Shit f/ Prodigy of Mobb Deep (Produced by The Alchemist)
5.) Float (Produced by Nottz)
6.) Please Don’t Go (Produced by Nottz)
7.) How We Rock f/ Bun B of UGK (Produced by DJ Premier)
8.) Drugs Crime & Gorillaz f/ Sheek Louch & Freeway (Produced by Nottz)
9.) In The Streets f/Lil Fame of M.O.P. (produced by Hi-Tek)
10.) So Amazing (Produced by DJ Premier)
11.) Sorry I Lied (Produced by Large Professor)
12.) We Killin Ourselves (Produced by Pete Rock)
13.) The Chosen (Resurrecting The Game) (Produced by Havoc)

  • J. Wonder

    album looks ill!

  • snideridge

    why would you make your debut album full of emcee features “WHEN” you “ALREADY” have “HUGE FEATURES” production wise like: “havoc, pete rock, premo, buckwild, lareg pro” on the album?

    that really doesnt make sense…with all that said and such classic production line up and a debut album…why the fuck does the artwork look like a mixtape cover?

    this tracklist looks like a mixtape …im sorry…if you have premo, pete rock, havoc, buckwild, alchemist etc on your album…why in the fucking world would you have 5 features on album with 13 cuts? thats abbout 50 percent of the album isnt even termanology…

    oh lord…i was so amped for about 14 solos for him to proove himself conceptually with A RECORD DEAL AND A BIG BUZZ! AND HUGE PRODUCERS…YOU NEED TO GO SOLO ON A SOLO RECORD WITH THAT PRODUCTION LINE UP…GOT DAMN IT


  • Jay

    my nigga 4 tracks of 13 isnt that bad, look at biggies album, that had like what 16 tracks or some shit?
    illmatic? the same
    it alll depends if he came correct on the tracks
    and easy mo bee gave him the oosign fuck ur talkin

  • snideridge

    illmatic was all solos my friend…..except for 1 song lifes a bitch..get your facts right

    im not mad at term..im just saying its a mixtape cover wise and content wise…

  • Jay

    ur judging a possible classic based on its cover?! hows ignorant is that?

  • they shoulda put the watch how it go down remix on this.. shit was fire!

  • snideridge

    hey asshole not just the cover….the whole tracklist 5 tracks with other rapper features on the album…

    13 songs and 5 features…whats this a mixtape with orignal production?

    he needed ALL SOLOS!

    his buzz is strong enough to have 0 emcee features….he has the BIGGEST PRODUCERS IN HIP HOP HISTORY!

  • Rodney White

    not a bad list of producers… Term is a hit or miss on some tracks

  • Jay

    its actually 4…he doesnt neccisarily need all solos. maybe hes tryna reach a different audience with the feautres homeboy. step out side of ur box and appreciate what you have

    are u not gonna cop this album because it LOOKS like amixtape? ignit muh fucka

  • ArJay

    Bein from Lawrence…Im REALLY diggin the cover haha

  • snideridge

    dude …your dilluisional….hes reached a great audience with statiks help!


    his buzz and features is all present already! hes been making movves steady for 2 years now…did everything to make a nice solo set up..

  • M-A-Double all day. I’m so fuckin proud that this record is about to happen. Been rockin with dude since “Watch How It Go Down”, can’t wait.

  • snideridge

    so this album has 6 solos we havent heard yet…im lookin forward to buckwild and pete rock solo songs..

  • I want to hear the cuts with PR, Hi-Tek, and Large Pro the most..

    Already heard the primo cuts.. And they’re ill..

  • MISTA23

    Dope line-up of producers and acts.

    The cover looks a little off, but it’s ill he’s reppin Lawerence right on the cover.

    I’m mad he’s rockin my Charles Barkley Air Forces though, I’ve only seen them on one other person lol.

  • I fucks wit Term…fuck all that emotional shit about features…as long as it bangs..I don’t give a fuck.

  • restless

    about time… termanology is great..

  • DopeSir

    The second post ^ [TRUTH]

    …and with all that said, the cover is garbage! and im a fan of term. but like…wtf is up w this shit? I thought he would come correct on this shit….

    well theres only one way to tell if dude fucked up….get the album when its out.

  • Jones

    The album sounds dope, can’t wait. But damn I didn’t feel that cover, looks like someone made it in 10 minutes with Photoshop.

  • Tru School

    This shit looks bananas! First Nas drops a heater, then Reks follows up w/ some crazy shit. This summer has been great for hip-hop…no?

  • J?!?!

    cover is wack.. featurings are decent.. producer credits look fire.. statik shoulda got a beat tho..

  • it going to flopped but im going to buy it

  • SilkCityP

    Term definitely has an ear for beats, but there is 1 thing I’m not impressed with as of yet with him. Subject Matter!!! I listen to Term, and 90% of the time his subject matter is either rhyming about rhyming, or being a bragga rapper. That is played the fuck out! Tell me who you are, how u feel, I wanna relate to a cat, not just a cat to hit me with punchlines left & right, and tell me how he’s better than everybody else. BORING!!

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  • Kubas

    Heard yet and must say “this album is real NASTY!” I’ve expect great LP and this is 1 of best albums I’ve ever heard. All the biggest producers U can have on your album in nowdays he has there… only Statik S. is missin… Gy’s flow is perfest for used beats, Love the way he rocks!:D

  • Kubas

    about the cover… He’s the man of mixtapes (5 Hood politocs), maybe he wanted cover to looks like mixtape cover…

  • Kubas again

    about the cover… He’s the man of mixtapes (5 Hood politics), maybe he wanted cover to looks like mixtape cover, it’s my opinion. Sto bitching and go get that now!:D

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