Jordan DeLisser – Nas’ Untitled On Piano (Video)

blame it on Shake August 1, 2008


Fresh off covering Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III, Jordan DeLisser takes a crack at Nas’ Untitled. I’ll let Jordan do the talking for this one: This is probably one of the best albums of all time, and it is an honor to cover such an inspirational album. I tried to put as many of the songs in as possible, but the ones that are left out are ones that were either too long to fit in 10 mins. or i didnt like enough to cover, lol. Enjoy! Hit the jump for the times of songs…

Makes The World Go Round = 0:04 -0:34
Queens Get The Money = 0:35- 0:53
You Cant Stop Us Now = 0:54- 1:24
Breathe = 1:25 – 2:00
Hero = 2:01 – 3:35
America = 3:36 – 4:31
Sly Fox = 4:33 – 5:30
Slave and the Master = 5:31 – 6:00
Fried Chicken = 6:01 – 6:22
Yall My Niggas = 6:23 – 7:24
Black President = 7:25 – 8:18

I can + If i ruled the world = 8:19 – 9:17

  • i love what this dude is doing!

  • pretty sick. I just peed the C3 vid he did…nasty!

  • this kid did the classic “oops! forgot to clean up my room before filming” bit. great…

  • this dude and David Sides(his Lupe Fiasco Superstar cover is CRAZY!) are some hella talented cats…they meet the right connects and they got some budding careers ahead of them.

  • kiddluckk

    damn this vid is everywhere.. this man is ridiculous tho

  • mr rogers

    greatest albums of all time-the songs he didn’t like enough to cover

  • kiddluckk

    i dont think he meant he didnt like the song itself, he didnt like the piano in the song