Michael Jordan Vs. Kobe Bryant? (Video)

blame it on Meka August 3, 2008


You think MJ wasn’t hearing all that talk about Kobe being better than him? Props to Alex at Killa Beez who shot this over.

  • NoKneeGrow-I’mCappa

    what he was doing to those kids at the end was just mean. haha. atleast they can say they attempted to guarded MJ. i wanted to see more of him on defense and in the low post. dam- dude is a fucking monster.

  • Money

    LMAO dude got shitted on in the end!!!

  • Nasty!

  • Ksee

    wonder how much it cost to go to that camp…dare i say…A MILLI???!!!

  • Original “Homecoming” song > album “Homecoming” song

    Prime Jordan > Prime Kobe

    Present Jordan > Present Kobe

    nuff said

  • Gnar Gnar!

    Jordan is a true legend, and he STILL gats it


    Jordan in primetime >>> (fill in your so-called best player)

    i wonder if when kobe retires if hes gonna start schooling kids a quarter of his age to get paid

  • 80’s Baby

    Present Jordan > Present Kobe (WTF)…your pushing it a lil too far man.

  • all i know is… its gonna take alot more than some shots over the local scrubs to convince me that jordan still has it.

    even if dude is in his forties.

  • With all the experience he has alone, he would still school half the NBA and he’s kept in shape. But present MJ > present Kobe? Come back down off that high, homie…

  • Llano

    MJ is the best that ever did it period dot.

  • Jordan in his prime > any player in the league, period.

    Fill in the blank if you will. Lebron is a beast yes, physically, mentally not close to Jordan, and as much will power as Kobe might have had or HAS, he proved that he doesnt ALWAYS have that go for the kill mentality. Jordan would not have shut down in the finals against paul pierce EVER!

  • Kobe’s nice but you cant really compare him to the best there ever was he’s a MJ wannabe with a rape charge at best

  • Jordan in prime > ANYONE who ever picked up a ball.
    But im talking about now, the man would get worked, but he would be a bomb coach in my opinion.

  • phat bastard


  • Jordan

    This takes me back to when kids at the bus stop and at school would front on my imitation 24 Chicago jersey because I couldn’t afford the real ish.

  • that fadeaway jumper of his >_______

  • Unxpekted aka DMVs disciple

    Michael Jordon is GOAT without a doubt.. Kobe is nowhere near MJ’s talent, skills or raw ability to play basketball

  • Unxpekted

    Michael Jordon is GOAT without a doubt.. Kobe is nowhere near MJ’s talent, skills or raw ability to play basketball

  • Jordan>Kobe…kobes still good tho…still has a way to go…