• JCK88

    it's ai...wudnt agree with the title tho..!

  • http://myspace.com/jazzcartier Jazz

    wtf is up with the tittle. this is basicaly a compilation. might aswell be a god damn soundtrack. only song im HYPED to listen to is Hello GOODBYE. by mibbs.

    shake u think u can get me that instrumental?

  • numbers

    That Love Supreme is vicious!!!!! U-N-I!!!!!

  • http://www.imjusttheo.com theshoelace

    the number one rule is that there are no rules.

    good stuff zack lee, props shakedizzle & mek.

  • http://www.goodboyclothing.com wrecknoble

    im feelin the vibe on this, even though i've had most of the tracks for a minute. definitely some nice summertime chill shit.

    when is that 2dopeboyz westcoast tape dropping???

  • http://www.theexactly.net Zack Lee

    ahh well, cant win em all @ JCK88 :)

    DUHHH@ until the 2dopeboyz tape drops that is

    tell us something that we don't already know!! :-)

    definitely appreciate the support fellas.

  • wallySMALLZ

    thanks 2db for this tape....

    great way to jumpoff my wkend!

  • DJ24

    Where is Three-1-Zero?

  • http://www.uncovered3rd.com uNCovered 3rd

    Hell yeah...adding this to the weekend playlist

  • http://www.myspace.com/elprezidente El Prez

    dope tape even though a lot of the songs are out there already...Its still good to have tapes like this that are good mixes cause Im too lazy to d/l all the songs individually and put together a playlist myself lol...

    ...Ima def be bangin it on sat on the way to rtb...

    good shit zack...

  • http://myspace.com/unimuzik YO!

    Thanks again to Zach for this dope mix. EVERYBODY READING THIS PLEASE VOTE FOR "U-N-I" @ LA.MTV2.COM!!! WE HAVE THE CHANCE TO PERFORM @ THE 2008 VMAs. Meka or Shake you need to add that to the BLOG ASAP or im cuttin some1's braids off...lmao!!!

  • YummYumm

    Love this ! this is music, its a good mix can't wait for the next one