• kaohtix

    this is some heat for sure

  • Ty

    Is Chino alligning himself with the Aftermath?...

  • Twoine

    This been out for a few days homie without any drops

  • gzup

    My nigga chino xl a lyrical beast spits quotables every time line 4 line the greatest mc to spit

    "im the reason for youre homie disappearances/but lets keep that off the record like songs without sample clearances"

    I think outside of the box to put inside of a box like a crossword puzzle" get it?

    " Chino got more llamas than a middle eastern farmer" n more than these how can you hate hope he gets his commercial song in just to get mainstream fucks to like him

  • http://analoghype.com agonymob

    wow...glad u posted this. i couldnt find any new ish from chino. def a beast

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  • balaramesh

    chino is waaaaay underated. he been a dope lyricist since the early 90's even though he had probelms with tupac; pac thought dude was metaphorically nice.

    bun b, is the only rapper that i can think of that never had a bad verse. PRINT THAT