Tyga – Goon 2 a Goblin

blame it on Shake August 11, 2008

I was waiting for someone to use this Lil Wayne line for a hook. It was inevitable. I have a feeling Tyga won’t be the last though. Off his upcoming Slaughter House mixtape with DJ Nice. DOWNLOAD: Tyga – Goon 2 a Goblin f. Cambatta

  • atl

    i really hope he aint the last because this wack. why did he make the sample so funnysounding? should have left it and made a hard beat..

  • smh

  • i always wondered if weezy was going after plies on that line
    but N.O.R.E. used that same Goon to a Goblin line in Still On The Run Eating

    N.O.R.E. f/ Lil Wayne – Still On The Run Eating
    Link: http://sharebee.com/94d04c76

  • veraci0us

    wow that was AWFUL the prodoction and barz Awful lol.. Incoherant… Coconut juice remix the only good track iv heard frm this brudda.. Smh y waste ur time and my time by uploadin this garbage dopeboyz?lol

  • veraci0us

    that was a master class on how not to sample lol

  • musiconplay

    lol, I almost wrote what you did Clyde but in the last sec Ive seen your comment!!!

    so yeh… NORE used this before Tyga :D

  • slick

    Worst Weezy sample by far… Young Money needs to ditch Tyga and beg for Curren$y back!!!

  • swag

    not even worth my download

  • song… eh. im sure somebody diggs it. somewhere. idk who or where tho…

    BUT THAT ART?!?! hahaha. Shake… seriously. fresh. i love it. hahaha. it gave me this mental picture of Green Goblin muggin’ plies for his chain [50 cent in africa style] hahahaha

  • i really just wanted to show off the green goblin after he yoked plies for his chain

  • thank god for a comment section. I almost clicked on this.

  • ^^^lmao @ shakes comment^^^ just noticed that…anyways this track sucks…simple as that…

  • KOopa

    lol that green goblin art is killer

  • yo nore already used it and it was banging. i fucks wit weez of course but tyga sucks

  • v1ctorartsy9421

    tyga has no potential of being a good artist. Wayne made a huge mistake on dude. The only song ive liked from him was California Love.

  • Da Man

    does Tyga pay yall? this is garbo

  • Prospekt

    the second guy is terrible i cum back like sperm on a spine wtf lol