Add-2 – The Tale of Two’s City v.2 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 14, 2008

As promised (although a lot later than I wanted to), here is Add-2‘s brand new mixtape. 21 tracks deep and everything is heat. Chicago (and HipHop in general) is definitely represented here folks! Add will be dropping this tomorrow, but you know Shake had to come and lay his exclusive hand down and bring it to ya’ll a day early! Enough talkin, continue on for some DOPE music (and some aged Shake artwork haha).

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Add-2 – The Tale of Two’s City v.2 (Mixtape)

  • k-dog

    definetly cant wait to listen but there is this .rar thing. it wont let me play.

  • add’s uploading a .zip file now.

    i’m still blown away that some of ya’ll aren’t up to speed on .rar lol

  • ^^^lol i know right…^^ anyways props as usuall shake..always doin ya thing…

  • k-dog

    i appreciate the help. cant wait to hear it.

  • Chitown6700

    LOVE IT, This is not a mixtape this is a album. I thought Pride was my gift for today but it just gets better

  • Chitown6700

    thanks 2dopeboyz for the early xmas gift ;)


  • switched out with a .zip for ya’ll. enjoy!

  • a guy

    good looks

  • k-dog

    hey shake, whats your favorite song on here?

  • i honestly couldn’t tell you. black amerikkka is really dope though.

  • Thanks i”m diggin’ this dude.


  • Valencia

    I’m luvin the dating game!!! funniest song i’ve heard in a while lol NEXT!!!! this will be in the ipod for some heavy rotation tomorrow

  • dalek

    Wow… Addiction is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

  • Thanks for posting this!! R’s Up!! YAY I GET SHOUTED OUT ON THE GET BUCK FREESTYLE LOL!!!

    A Martian Named Bullet

  • Chitown6700

    Addiction is great, those horns are hypnotizing

  • Dick Jerkov

    this is pretty dope! anyone knows where i can find vol. 1?

  • Keeynote

    This is a beast, you dont download this you may need help

  • Nick

    Yeah same as Jerkov where can I get vol. 1 at?

    Come through Shake!

  • One ID

    Thanks for this. Add-2 is legit, no doubt.
    Heavy rotation material here.

  • I dig H.E.R. Story with all the group names…dude did his thing Shake…yo tell Add-2 good ish with this man…BONKERS!

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  • MoveMental/ConShuns

    Man, it’s been a long time since I heard from 1,500 miles alway that dude from Chicago is destroying every ninja who tries and step to the plate, and it’s been about 2 years since I first started pumping this ish on my radio show…PROGRESSION is ill, man been grinding hard for a minute and deserve everything. Whether it be radio drops I done asked for at 4 in the morning(Which dude sent back for noon the next day), to not complaining about getting up at 4 in the morning to drive to boston to catch a flight after a college show, you can tell Add just love what he do to the bone, and this mixtape right here shows that. From left coast, to east coast, to midwest, much respect brethren.

  • Poppi

    As always Add-2 delivered another classic mixtape

  • Kanemku

    yea i had the first link and every time i tried to play it on my iPod it froze it… so now im downloading the new one… According to the rest of the comments, it’s a very good mixtape. So, I hope you guys didn’t get my hopes up

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  • PeteyCHase

    Fix the link. This guy is talented and I want to hear his new material.

  • kaz

    downloaded this mixtape a year ago but accidentally deleted it. can you post a valid link so i can get it again?

  • Teophus

    How can I hear this mixtape???

  • Tyradical

    Is it possible for anyone to re-up this? thanks!!

  • RE_UP ASAP add-2 is soooooo ill

  • rickyrkwl


  • devon

    The Tale of Two’s City v.2 Mixtape