• Menlow

    Damn Shake your droppin some fuckin heat today, good lookin

  • shap

    this man has a lot of freckles

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "freck" billionaire.

  • shap

    are there any other rappers in history that have had this many freckles? I desire to know. please list as many freckled rappers as possible.



  • http://arrogantveggies.blogspot.com joshton peas

    is this nigga out? i remember he got knocked for sellin crack in philly


    hopefully this is nice...DLing just for the features, he was nice on a coupla Fab tracks tho

  • J.D. Is Money

    damn west philly freck back wit the heat STREET FAM ALL DAY EVERDAY this shit just made the day

  • Code

    On the real, freck is one of best rappers from philly

  • http://www.crack-spot.blogspot.com timmy g

    this shit looks HOT..good lookin out

  • http://www.yahoo.com jance

    Dis Peez™ freacks new signee 2 cbl check out ma myspace page myspace.com/peez10
    And then gimme feedback that's it dough CBL all day Keep it up freck!!!

  • kd

    this man da truth...get at my boy peeze too GUN RU ALLLLLDAY!!