KNO’s Open Letter to MF DOOM (Video)

blame it on Shake August 16, 2008

One of the best underground producers in the game (KNO of the CunninLynguists) has a few issues regarding DOOM playing Where’s Waldo during his latest performances so he decided to write an open letter. Check the quote below then check the full thing over at qn5’s website.

The whole thing was shrug-inducing because I’m not a huge fan of your body of work, so pardon my inability to completely connect with the disdain of someone paying $25 dollars to see a slightly rotund, middle aged man in a dirty Gladiator mask stand around onstage and talk into a microphone only to be duped into watching a presumably younger, slightly-less rotund man in a dirty Gladiator mask stand around onstage and pretend to talk into a microphone. As the old folks say, “buyer beware”.

READ: An Open Letter To MF Doom.

  • chinua

    DOOM is a better producer than KNO anyway.

  • naaah.

  • JaYdAgR8

    i respect both these dudes but, i think that this whole situation is messed up and i dont know what the reason for his not being there is but im sure alot of rappers have the same issues with shows but they at least show up…

  • dalek

    I hate Kno ever since I read his blog on sampling. He got called out for using the same sample as a song by CYNE. He goes on and on about how he never heard of them and blah blah blah. As if he’s DJ Premier or something… He seems like a pretentious prick.

  • Who the fuck are you?

  • how do you get called out for using the same sample. you do realize that happens ALL the time right?

  • Natorious

    DOOM > Kno on the boards for sure, but dude’s got a point. Kno has some really sick beats, but DOOM is consistent and unique.

  • dalek

    Not exactly called out. Wrong choice of words there. It was really just the way he came off that turned me off. I don’t care about the sample. It was how much a whiny fuck he sounded like.


    Maybe you won’t agree. But he just annoys the shit out of me. Don’t get me wrong, his beats are dope. But, as a person, I don’t like him.

  • Him as a person doesn’t have anything to do with him sampling a song that some unknown group sampled. I sampled a track, then after I did it…I heard an “American Gangster” remix by Saint & Muneshine using the same sample. I could give a fuck less.

  • dalek

    Ugh. I just said I don’t care about the sample. I don’t care if everyone uses the same sample 1,000,000 times.

    He just seems like he has the self-esteem of Kanye. And that annoys me.

    I can separate the artist from the artform.

  • i just read his blog and to be honest, the only people who should be offended by that are the people bitching at him in the first place.

    “Bottomline…is it dope or is it wack? As a fan, that is really all you should be concerned with.”

    for really though.

  • So, what are you saying? That every “good” artist is kind, gentle, heartfelt, wise? Kanye West’s self-esteem? Kanye lost a lot of faith when he lost his mother. He changed because of that. That’s a big difference from Kno keeping it real. It’s not even about the sample, just like you said. He just told the truth in that blog post & I think that makes him a real dude.

  • I’ll say it one more time in the t.v show fantastic 4 when they (the fantastic 4) thought they beat Doc Doom but at the end of each episode he’s just a damn robot, thats what Mf Dooms “thing” like how Game name drops all the damn time.

  • ^^^Good point!

  • Jordan

    Honestly, I saw DOOM a year ago at NYC RTB and was pretty dissapointed. It was a 30 minute set, and took him forever to come on stage. What the fuck is up with this guy? if you cant preform, then just make records and suffer the coseqinces. DOOM is great, but I have to go with Kno on this one.

  • kingtiki

    i don’t think Kno had to write a full fledge letter on this shit thought w/e. Doom do what he do, but if i see that nigga in Atlanta im going to question his ass for not showing up

  • Paul Roy

    publicity stunt…
    doom’s doing this because thats something a character like him would do…just keepin people on their toes

  • Graphic Phantom

    I really and truly don’t understand how so many people can remain loyal to MoFo Doom. I’ve tried my best to like him over the years and occasionally he came through (DangerDoom and Madvilliany are the only two that come to mind), but in most cases he came across as a Ghostface clone without the heart. Doom can make a beat, that is to say that he can make a classic/dated (your choice) sounding RZA knock-off that’s unmatched. However, KNO (and to hear how many people talk sh** even without knowing who someone is will always amaze me) has created some of the most diverse, deep, well sampled music I’ve heard. If you haven’t heard “A Piece Of Strange” and “Dirty Acres” you are missing two classic albums. Again, it amazes me that anyone can stand by an artist (or perhaps gimmick?) that would turn his back on them, but I guess us humans are bound to habits and stupidity when in large numbers. Ces’t la Vie…

    p.s. Shake and Meka. Do I get props for what could be the first 2dopeboyz response to contain minimal french?

  • RustyGranite

    Look at dude crying about not liking a rapper personally even tho he never met him, sound like a hoe.

    Fuck any artist that fucks their fans, sound like some abused girlfriends making excuses. Cornballs.

  • Bueller?

    Not a fan of Doom. Not really a fan of Kno, either. But, it does seem Kno is right on the money. These indie artist do for the most part do get these smaller venues because they don’t have the same size fanbase of their talentless, ringtone rapper counterparts. Also, they don’t have that major label machine forcing them down our throats at every waking moment. So, when acts like Doom do pull this fuckery, and have promoters and venue owners say publicly that they won’t allow their brand of hip hop at those places anymore, the jackass is taking money out of their pockets. If I was one of these artist, or a fan of Doom for that matter, It would be clobberin’ time. I mean, it’s obvious he doesn’t have respect for art or peers. I know that’s not sayin much these days, but there should be at least some honor among thieves, for lack of a better phrase.

  • i agree with Bueller? on this…

    at the end of the day, the open letter was written b/c DOOM’s antics are putting the ENTIRE indie hiphop live culture in jeopardy. That’s what the fuck this is about. It ain’t got shit to do with whether you like Kno, Cunninglynguist, or QN5 as artist or people for that matter. its important b/c its beginning to restrict my ability to check out other artist who do give a shit about their fans.

  • CanOX

    see, doom is just in the lab, concocting his return after MF Grimm tore him a new asshole

  • RustyGranite

    Check that qn5 site.. phonte and a bunch of other touring artists agree with the blog.. i’m pretty sure they know what they’re talking about more than blind fanboys..

  • santinog.

    Fuck MF Doom, dude is wack too me and doesn’t embody hip-hop in any way shape or form… seriously dudes lyrics and flow are boring as fuck.