One On One w/ Nicki Minaj (Video)


Hip Hop Game sat down with Young Money's latest protegé to wax poetics about politics and bullshit. What do you heebs think of her? Someone told me there's more than meets the eye about ol' girl, but I'm just a shit-starter like that. And for fans, here's a bonus something something.

DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj - Still I Rise | Mediafire

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  • Mark Twain Fame

    damn Jabari got lost in the "Pink Haze" stumblin and mumblin...dumbfounded...ha.

    I would have too though so I'll shut up.

  • xtothev


  • sasquash


  • J.S.

    she's def a bad bitch indeed... and i'd make beats for her then hit that. lmao

  • DopeSir

    damn, im trippin off this shit.
    never even heard of nicki minaj before...but....THATS ONE SICK BITCH!!!

    yo jean grae used to be the only femcee i fucked with but im adding nicki minaj to that list. ill flow + im feelin' her swag

    nicki is seriously on some ill shit, i just scoured youtube for some vids, and i gotta say, im feelin' this chick crazy like...

  • Clyde @ Find A Soul 4 Sale

    heard her life story
    on a record
    about her moms, pops & extended fam
    shit was fucked up
    but she is trini


  • teamcream

    too much swag not enough product. and for someone who writes lyrics as her art, completely ineloquent.

  • teamcream

    shes hot though and i liked when she called him out on wanting to give her head

  • lilTaYo

    i want 2 fuck her tell she cant walk she is very hot can any 1 send me her sextape plz


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