Cookin’ Soul’s OJAYZIS: Jay-Z vs OASIS (Mixtape)

Meka posted a sample earlier and now I bring you the full thing! This morning we we're approached by Cookin' Soul to be a part of their OJAYZIS project. They completed the mixtape in less one night while I knocked out the artwork in an even shorter time haha. And that takes NOTHING away from the quality, this shit is dope! UPDATE: As I wrote in a news piece on DX, the tape has done over 10k downloads so far! And we just got a nod on MTV! Just wanted to thank everyone for the support! Don't sleep and the CS boys have something to add...

You know we had to do it.
Yeah, it is today's beef... or should we say today's biggest promo move?
We too, we on a promo move.
It 's been our hardest work so far. Don't even try it at home, OASIS ain't The Delfonics if you know what we mean....
We crafted this in one single night.
Real talk
Shouts to Shake!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

SAMPLE: Wonderback | Justify It All
DOWNLOAD: 2DopeBoyz x HipHopDX Present Cookin' Soul's OJAYZIS: Jay-Z vs OASIS

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  • Kanemku

    I like Jay... I kinda like Oasis... let's see if it's as good as the Grey Album... probably not but it'll be cool

  • good shit..

  • Untitled

    I see why ya'll call ya'll selves 2 dope boyz!


  • J. Caesar

    dope thank you

  • Unxpekted aka DMV’s Disciple

    Shake you Mark Ronson is planning to do an Oasis mash as well right?

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    that Isaac Hayes instrumental tribute was mad dope. this should be no different. can't wait to hear it.

  • Speaking of Jay-Z I was doing some research on the web and came across this

    Posted On The Real Black Wallstreet

    Black Wall Street lead designer and the director of the Superman video, Chris Le writes on The Real BWS.

    *BIG NEWS* PLUS MIXTAPE COVER - C-Le did it. ;) Havn’t been on here in a minute! Wuss good with yall? Superman is at it’s completion and we about to go full blast. but heres the latest BWS 5 and guess what, Game is hosting it with Haze. AND NOT TO MENTION, Look out for a JAYZ Diss track from game produced by my lil brother, Tommy Gunnz.

    LOL Game about to get murked

  • yea. he SUUURE is. stoopid guy haha.


    lmao. im guessing since hes "retiring" he wants to go out with a bang by dissing Jay and he thinks that Jay wont respond. game is no nas (even though they sound alike) and Jay will get at em with a Takeover Pt. 2. game dont stand a gotdamn chance

  • JaYdAgR8

    LOL Game about to get murked

    Nickelnine said this on August 19, 2008 at 6:53 pm

    yea. he SUUURE is. stoopid guy haha.

    Shake said this on August 19, 2008 at 6:54 pm
    it really just aint a smart move for game...

  • David

    this is actually really good. 2dope

  • dmv_resider

    I'll art shake. The mixes are tight too hard to believe this all happened in less then 24 hours.

  • dope boy gangster killer murder x 2

    very nice. global hova!

  • SteelzKitchen

    Hats off to you dudes. or whoever did this shit..
    perfect blends.. better than the grey album me

  • thegrip

    SO SO SO SICK. I'm reposting for sure.

  • sick for real, i got the track sent to me didn't know it was 2dope exclusive so shout out to you guys. I love the first 2 tracks. I'm looking forward to zoning out to this one. And the album art is incredible!

  • Lime

    good shit

  • the r

    before i heard it i thought nahhhh ...but now i heard it i'm def gonna say 'yeah' guys rinsed it out.

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  • CURT


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  • Royce

    Yo Shake! Artwork is SICK!!

  • thank you sir.

  • T

    won't download on macbook--please email!!!

  • Arvyj

    Shake and Meka come through once again...

  • Good look for gettin' on fellas. Don't sleep on it... this shit is too good!

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  • Props...imma have to check this out...heard alot about it lately...

  • Oh and another thing...can i post this @ my site???

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  • gr3um5


    But Thx Cookin' Soul fo dat !

  • Wow, now we will see the genius of the people at Cookin Soul, it always a great thing when a person can realize their passion. At wE-Connect we are determined to bring the passion of the individual to the forefront, get more information at

    260 West 35th Street
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  • C C C C COOOOOKIN SOUUUL!!! from SPAIN to the whole world... yeah we know how they do!

  • What's up 2 Dope Boyz... If anyone would like a full quality, DJ Drop free copy of "Jackin' Jay-Z" the Wonderwall Mash I did feel free to head over to and grab a copy... Also, 2 Dope Boyz people hit me up on MySpace wanted to speak with you guys regarding some futher biz! Much respect!!

    DJ Danny Diggz
    "The Audio Artist"

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  • Jmurda

    If you don't have this, get it.

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  • mdwstsfsd

    wonderback = the shit. imo, producers need to sample new rock shit more often



    dats freakin awesome!!!!!!

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  • eh. you boyz mind if i post this over at my place?

    obviously shouting you peepz out of course

  • dope!!! Thanx very much.

  • A Hip-Hop Fan

    a bit dissappointed. Doesn't come close to the grey album, the collabo with linkin park or my personal favorite: Brooklyn Soul with Mick Boogie

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  • miaalien

    smart promo move.. one
    great comp ..two
    p.s. the artwork is impeccable.. me dig.

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  • imthatcool

    the game is gunna fckn murk fackkkk

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  • it like it, not a big fan of oasis but a big fan of Jay. The beats on this mixtape dope like. easy listurning. I wasnt at glaso 2008 but i have mates who went and they hate jay z and they thought it was awful that he was playing. so alot of rock lovers and indi kids in the UK will hate this and put him down for it. Oasis i think dont even desurve to have the privlage to be remixed with him to be honest.

    Keep the music, keep up the remix's & colabo's. Keep music alive!

    what do you think?

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  • Jay

    This is straight. Better than the grey album they did with the Beatles and Jay-z.

  • joe

    I think "Champagne SuperHova" would've been a better name...

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  • Mo


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  • Al

    Im confused, why is the JayZ/Oasis download file only snippets, where can I get the full mixtape?

  • seth

    same, can you upload the full tape

  • Joe Mama

    yeah what up with the full mixtape son?

  • Wassup

    full mixtape anywhere?

  • phillyblunts

    whats up with this snippet bullshit

  • eli

    jigga & fucken way!

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  • The track is Dope

  • Hot as fire, That mix is tight

  • nero

    am i the only one that can only get snippets, what the fuck

  • Maria

    i keep on just getting the snippets too. it sucks i want the whole mixtape.

  • such a sick tape

  • Nice Artwork Shake!!

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  • jo

    look you stupid shit head... i dl ur shit and it cums up a flying fucking fourteen seconds per song. what the fuck is that all about, stupid fucks ripping us off. reason why u are called "dope boyz" is ur dope give u special power to bullshit everytime and every fuckin day. happy fuck off new year dumbasses

  • emmadawson

    Oasis are the best!!

  • "look you stupid shit head… i dl ur shit and it cums up a flying fucking fourteen seconds per song. what the fuck is that all about, stupid fucks ripping us off. reason why u are called “dope boyz” is ur dope give u special power to bullshit everytime and every fuckin day. happy fuck off new year dumbasses"

    look you ungrateful piece of shit. first of all the tape was offered for FREE. you act like we made you pay first and you ended up with snippets. grow the fuck up and ask politely.

    second, link is fixed and i REALLY wish there was a way to block the cock sucker above from getting anything.

  • and a mediafire link for the folks that like that sort of thing...

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  • compleet_randumness

    ojayzis is crack!! kinda makes u wonder what other mash ups are possible with hov. gray album was tough, and the linkin park/jay z mash up was ill too...ojayzis is definitely up there

  • g0rilla

    this shit is beautiful!!!

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  • Довольно интересно. Некоторые моменты не знал.

  • Kamran

    This is absolute perfection. Its hard for me to believe you guys did this one night, but if you did or didn't -- really doesn't matter. This is gonna be on loop for awhile.

  • на самом деле удивили и порадовали :) Не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает :)

  • The guy who wrote in Russian... hmm.. well, I can read and undertsand Russian, but why would you write something like that in a site where people communicate using English? But meh, glad to see different people are enjoying this. This shit sure is dope.

  • Вопрос к автору , а вот у вас время у каждой статьи и в комментах пишется... Это какое? Московское? Заранее благодарю за ответ.

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  • У меня совсем скоро в bookmarks место закончится, но я рад добавлять с вашего блога и дальше ссылочки на интересные темы!

  • Эх... После прочтения даже мне тема стала интересна.

  • dave

    nicee doing

  • Без дела жить — только небо коптить. :)

  • Хм, к размышлению... :)

  • Хм... По моему мнению, минусы значительно превосходят плюсы. Думаю, не стоит заморачиваться.

  • Germany’s Boy

    Man, that is so great, please make another one of this, please!!!!

    or paste it
    pw - hero47

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  • Matt

    this shit is epic

  • Great site, thanks. I really love it.

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