2Dope To Sleep On: Casey Veggies, Diz Gibran & M-Dot

blame it on Meka August 22, 2008

Once again, it’s another edition of (2)Dope To Sleep On, where we spotlight acts under the radar that’s caught our respective eyes. If you like ’em, support ’em. If you don’t, go juggle a pair of deez and play chicken with a Mack truck. Kidding, of course. SHAKE UPDATE: Not really.

Casey Veggies (Los Angeles, CA): Originally duke was supposed to be on the (2)Dope mixtape, but things didn’t work out as planned. Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get his proper shine here, however. Crazy thing is, duke just turned 15 over the summer. And for a person of my extra-picky rap music tastes, I dig this shit.

DOWNLOAD: Casey Veggies – Only One Can Win | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Casey Veggies – Sun In The Sky | Mediafire

Diz Gibran (Los Angeles, CA): It’s Shake’s turn now and I’ll keep in on the left coast (the best coast). We’ve posted music from Diz before but we’ve never taken the time to showcase this dude. It’s always in passing. Until now. Listen to this dude’s music! TSS recently had a conversation with the emcee and dropped two tracks (City Lights & Jesus, which I included). I’ll throw in another new joint since I’m Shake and that’s what I do. Also, big shouts to Moonshine, the producer who handles all of Diz’ tracks. They make a great team. You can bet we’ll be posting any and all new shit from Diz as it comes down the pipeline.

DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran – City Lights | MediaFire
DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran – Jesus | MediaFire
DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran – New Religion | MediaFire

M-Dot (Mass.): People seem to be putting the zZzZzZz on Mass. for whatever reason. Even when they have been pushing out talented acts left and right. Like M-Dot. Who I was just introduced to myself recently and after numerous listens to the tracks I have, I must say he def deserves to be in this section. If my word isn’t enough, how about some Termanology, Reks, etc? Yea… exactly. Check him out.

DOWNLOAD: M-Dot – We’re From Mass f. Termanology & Rev | MediaFire
DOWNLOAD: M-Dot – Gotta Be f. Krumbsnatcha | MediaFire
DOWNLOAD: Slak-D – Shit On You f. Reks & M-Dot (prod. Domingo) | MediaFire

  • ha! I told ya dope mcs out here in LA are like liquor stores, cause its one on every corner…

  • Casey V is the future!!!

  • Top Flite is next edition right? hahaha

  • W till i pass out reppin that 702 here

  • i can agree about L.A. havin mc’s everywhere ..i think california as a whole has a lot of dope mc’s that dont get shine. this my boy right here thou check him ..quality on some shit aint perfect but its some diffeent type of dudes qualiti

  • that diz – street lights i’m lovin

  • Royce

    Casey V is some serious shit for a 15 year old (actually, damn good in general)….least hes not on some soulja boy Imma keep my eyes on him.
    Moonshine is a really dope producer!
    All the trax are pretty sick though!!! Props

  • casey v. is the future of los angeles hip hop

  • John John

    That cat M-Dot is killin’em! Seriously, I listened to all the joints on here and they dope but this kid is serious. He got flow, lyrics for days with the rhyme schemes and beats are seriouZZZZ!! That “Gotta Be” song with Krumb is FIRE!!! I’ve played that over and over!

  • good looks on the responses guys. each artist checks the site regularly so they are reading this. appreciate the critiques!

  • I’m OD’d on Cali culture at the moment so my M-Dot is catching my eye at the moment…I shall peep. Plus the Reks feature got my attention.


    These cats are dope. I love new hip-hop. Casey V got a bright future. Diz got a good sound, unique feel me? M-Dot has got some heat. He’s puttin’ it down for Boston. Not many cats rep solely Boston. They be yellin’ Boston while they living in NY ya dig? I like that track with Term and Gotta Be is sick, beat is off the chainzZZ

  • Pro-P Wiz

    My favorites from each cat

    Casey V – Sun in the Sky

    Diz Gibran – Jesus

    M-Dot – Gotta Be

  • Daniel

    Thanks for posting this. Shout outs to all the (2)dope MCs from the Czech Republic.

  • AsiaOrange

    Tracks are all dope. I like that M-Dot kid and Corey the best but Diz is not bad either. They all brought something different to the table. Gotta Be is crazy! I remember KrumbSnatcha from his days with Premo, Closer to God anyone?

  • its good to see cats around my age making good music. and i gotta agree, Cali is taking over my ipod.

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  • joey dileo

    yo m-dot stays grinding, and his flow is oh so nice

  • KRIS with A K

    M-DOT is taking over Boston almost every night his songs are played on the BOSTONS local radio stations. This kid dose not sleep always doing shows, puting up new music, new videos, HE GRINDS HARD he is the arstist to keep and eye on. THE THREE TRACKS THAT ARE UP FROM HIM ARE INSANE cant get enough of gotta be

  • Loren Harvey

    I like Casey V.

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  • Naps

    M-Dot is reppin’ Boston hard on those joints. I hope I hear more from him. Term is a beast . BOSTON STAND UP!!!!

  • RC!!!

    Casey V flow is bannanaz..the future..i say about 09′ he will have arrived.

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  • a classic post.. haha

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  • Wow! This song gets around.

  • John

    Yo I just seen M-Dot’s video for Gotta Be on YouTube and started searching the net to find shit from him and found this. Pretty dope. Them three tracks are sick. Any more from this cat? I only found one other post the video Gotta Be

  • John

    Thanks Dmack. I’m guessing the M-Dot mixtape isn’t on 2dopeboyz? why not?

  • Clean

    This Cat MDOT is tearing up Boston…. I hear this cats name at just about every show and see tons of flyers w MDOT on them for upcoming shows. Damn… does this kid stop… And then I pick up a copy of Stuff magazine and see this cat listed in the HOT 100… if anybodies earning there spot, Im watching MDOT do things that was said couldnt be done in Boston, BIG UPS on bringing reall hiphop from the Bean

  • MA to OH

    M-Dot is on the scene and he’s doing big things. Everywhere you turn around there he is. He’s doing shows everywhere. Fucking Europe, Milwaukee, EVERYWHERE!! This cat is a straight up beast and he’s earning everything he gets. These tracks on here are FIRE!! I’m looking forward to seeing what this dude is gonna do or come up with next.

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