Kim Kardashian vs Carmen Electra (Video)


It's late. I should be sleeping. Why not.

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  • this is wack as fuck

  • kid karacho

    people like kim kardashian shouldnĀ“t be famous!!

  • yung reece

    kim kardashian is so beautiful it don't make any sense

  • Scorpio Mcfly

    speechless at the garbage I just seen

  • Blah

    how did this not get a RAOF?

  • artOfwordz

    ever since the waynes brothers stopped making these types of movies,they have officially sucked.these idiots should really stop....


Freeway - "Primates"

Produced by Big Ape.

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The LOX - "Feel My Pain" f. Rick Ross

Could this be a sign that We Are the Streets 2 will be arriving soon?

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