Prodigy – Stop Stressin’

blame it on Shake August 23, 2008

What’s this? A I’m Not Free P joint that I actually like? Hmm, interesting. During the months before getting his freedom taken away P went to work on a bunch of records that will be featured on the upcoming album, Product of the 80s, which features Big Twins & Un Pacino sharing the mic time. The album, which pays homage to the era Prodigy & Co. grew up in, will be dropping October 21st. That’s right. Reaganomics, cocaine, the Cold War, the US Recession and more. I included the tracklist after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Prodigy – Stop Stressin’

01 Intro
02 Waddup Gz (prod. Sid Roams)
03 Shed Thy Blood (Feat. Un Pacino) (prod. Jake One)
04 Box Cutters (Feat. Big Twins) (prod. Sid Roams)
05 Catch Body Music (prod. Sid Roams)
06 P Keep Spittin (prod. Sid Roams)
07 Test Tube Babies (prod. Sid Roams)
08 Cold World (prod. Sid Roams)
09 Anytime (Feat. Un Pacino) (prod. Sid Roams)
10 Stop Stressin (prod. Sid Roams & Benny Needles)
11 Damn Daddy (Feat. Un Pacino & Big Twins) (prod. Jake One)
12 Lay’d Out (Feat. Un Pacino) (prod. Sid Roams)
13 In The Smash (Feat. Big Twins) (prod. Sid Roams)
14 Circle Don’t Stop (Feat. Big Twins & Chinky) (prod. Sid Roams)
15 Am I Crazy? (prod. Sebb)

  • P gettin it in

  • JustinCase

    I like Prodigy better when he a dirty New Yorker

  • III


  • lucky lefty

    Yeah this a dedication to these smart dumb niggas that’s always trynna tell the next man what to do with his shit instead of worrying about getting they own shit

  • Hate on P all you want but dude puts in more quality work than these niggas who are out of jail. He’s about to release his third album this year alone.

  • RK6

    Prodigy/Mobb Deep Family always come with quality 97% of the time. HNIC2 out now!!! 50,000+ sold without Prodigy being able to go around the world to promote.

  • shakwon

    Where’s Hav ?

  • FansT

    No prod of Alc??

  • issue

    his last cd was garbage, but prodigy is one of my favorites, and i hope he gets back into that return of the mack shit

  • u mad? hnic part 2 was the sickest album of the year ..