• http://www.atlstatus.com DarkAngel

    P gettin it in

  • JustinCase

    I like Prodigy better when he a dirty New Yorker

  • III


  • lucky lefty

    Yeah this a dedication to these smart dumb niggas that's always trynna tell the next man what to do with his shit instead of worrying about getting they own shit

  • http://www.bc-tw.blogspot.com bctw

    Hate on P all you want but dude puts in more quality work than these niggas who are out of jail. He's about to release his third album this year alone.

  • RK6

    Prodigy/Mobb Deep Family always come with quality 97% of the time. HNIC2 out now!!! 50,000+ sold without Prodigy being able to go around the world to promote.

  • shakwon

    Where's Hav ?

  • FansT

    No prod of Alc??

  • issue

    his last cd was garbage, but prodigy is one of my favorites, and i hope he gets back into that return of the mack shit

  • http://nicknolan.info nick

    u mad? hnic part 2 was the sickest album of the year ..