• joe

    I've listened to about half right now. definitely didn't expect TPain to be just rapping on it. Not so much with the vocoder if my ears are hearing right. Kinda hot....

  • slick

    whats the verdict with this shit!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/majorleaguetryouts Lex One – Major League

    I only heard one joint the my boy mike beatz from major league produced. that shit was crazy cuz i knew dude was talented despite his whole auto tune bs but i didnt know he could spit like that.

  • uNCovered 3rd

    Why y'all put this bs shit up here?!

  • Jake T

    Didn't know kid could flow like that...
    Usually sucks, he should have stuck to rhyming instead of that robot shit

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  • Mr.WillDoIt

    what the fk is a pree?

  • http://www.myspace.com/kristinaortiz CaliGirlintheSouth

    ::sighs:: His upcoming album is called Thr33 Ringz so he came out with Pr33 Ringz damn get it together it's called creativity...