KRS-One – The Million DJ March

blame it on Shake August 28, 2008

The blastmaster recorded a song in light of the Million DJ March (which is going down on this Friday & Saturday. For more info hit up the official website. Shouts to DJ Kaohtix for the heads up.

DOWNLOAD: KRS-One – The Million DJ March

  • Nz

    loooooll KSR

  • are typos really THAT funny to ya’ll? haha

  • HaLoHeaD

    only to the high ones lol.

  • grs

    neone know what happened to that ‘self construction’ track wit 55 emcees?

  • kaohtix

    thanks shake
    props should really go out to you guys though
    peace homie

  • hah. kao. on 2dopeboyz. much love fam.

  • Janice

    Kizzy Conway is so damm sexy! He can host my private party’s

  • Mike Mike

    Kizzy Conway you did your thing at the dj million march, you really know how to move the crowd. I know KRS ONE was happy to hear that you held the crowd down in his name.

  • Denna Foster

    Kizzy Conway is the life of the party! This guy needs to be host on a tv show.

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