Ill Bill – Society is Brainwashed (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on Shake August 29, 2008


Here are a few things I meant to post the other day but let it slip further and further down in my inbox. Above is a video for Ill Bill’s Billions On My Mind (directed by Triple Beam Productions) and below are two joints off his upcoming album, The Hour of Reprisal. As dope as the Premo produced joint is, I don’t think I’ll ever live down the thoughts of how Hov could’ve sounded over it!

DOWNLOAD: Ill Bill – Soceity is Brainwashed (prod. DJ Premier) | MediaFire
DOWNLOAD: Ill Bill – I’m A Goon (prod. Ill Bill & Sicknature) | MediaFire

  • Unxpekted aka DMV’s Disciple

    Im so glad Ill Bill murdered this beat rather than Joe Camel using weak metaphors to describe how much money he has and how much more he plans to attain…

    Ill Bill > Washed up Joe Camel (Needs to retire)

    If you know the history behind Ill Bill and Non Phixion you know how fucking talented this cat is.. He’s not as lethal ss he was when he dropped Black Helicopters but hes still fucking nice..

    Good looks Shake!!

  • MeGaVeLi

    One of the best tracks of the YEAR! Bill murdered the premo beat!!! I know this beat was originally for Jay, but even Jay couldnt fuck with Bill on this shit. Bill fuckin kills it, and I love the William Cooper reference, time to school some kids, alot of big lines in the song, Im bout to make me a t-shirt that reads “Society is Brainwashed” because its fuckin true! Cant wait for the album, I’ll be copin it, but I know this will be hte best tune on it!

  • lookin forward to this project.

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  • DopeSir

    lol once again a very shitty made video for a great artist in the game….

    man why can’t cats just make tight videos!?! every dope artist that is “underground” can’t find a good director to make some visuals to match their mic skills.

    a baby could direct a better video than that shit.

    anyways bill was mean as fuck to that primo beat, they both came maaad correct. but primos never been wak or anything close to it so i should just stop complementing him.

    primo is practically the defenition of hiphop.

  • ^^^^^
    I’m guessing that on the list of shit, most underground cats always put music video’s on the bottom.

    I wonder how much primo charges for a beat…much not be 2 high since so many underground people rock them

    another reason to love primo :)

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