• sloop

    i was so hoping mike tyson would spit a verse, i like the song tho

  • supaslick

    sorta old.

  • http://bananaclipse.blogspot.com bananaclipse(3.0)

    this been out for a while. its not bad

  • http://hesorude.blogspot.com YEAHiSAiDiT

    SO Old MAN

  • veraci0us

    huh this been floatin round the net for time, o well lol.. I liked mike tyson on the canibus 2nd round knockout track lol

  • JaYdAgR8

    complainin ass muh fuckas...

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    its the NoDJ version. so technically it's "new" again. not sure why it got its own post though

  • Tony

    yeah saw this on DX a while ago, nice with NoDJ though

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  • thegrip

    Who the fuck cares if it's old... It's sick.

    Post some dope ass shit from '05 and see if I care. If it bangs, I'll bang it.