Sene – Elevator Music (Free Album)

blame it on Shake August 30, 2008

The other day, Sene shot me an email giving a heads up of his recent project he put together for people to check before the upcoming collab album from himself and Blu (A Day Late & A Dollar Short) drops. In which he explains:

A Collection of Rejected Excellence is a series (CORE SERIES) the homie Blu started with his release of “Lifted.” This release “Elevator Music” follows suit as a group of songs without the fast food traits of a mixtape. This is just a collection of music I’ve made and liked..Songs from scattered releases and imports. Blended together. Check it out and hopefully yall enjoy; maybe get to know me a little better… – Sene

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Sene – Elevator Music (A Collection Of Rejected Excellence)

  • B

    i thought they were known as patch adams?


    of course its gonna be free. What album aint? hahahaha rappers are gonna be homeless. I’m loving it (McD)

  • camron

    good shit

  • yo

    “of course its gonna be free. What album aint? hahahaha rappers are gonna be homeless. I’m loving it (McD)”

    Its called promotion. Its what makes the world go round.

  • Gym Class Zero

    Word..n i aint bout to be the one complainin about a free album suckas lol.
    I been waitin to hear something from this kid for a minute, a smoke signal , bat signal, something…had to put on a black mask to rip myspace joints before. bigup 2 dope! this is right.

  • Weezo

    hah! smoke signals…yea this is dope surrz.
    cant skip past track one yet. these days are rough boi.

  • “of course its gonna be free. What album aint? hahahaha rappers are gonna be homeless. I’m loving it (McD)”

    that my friend..makes u a bitch..go to cmt.com or some shit…

  • sacaindo

    very dope..A Day Late & A Dollar Short just sneaked up into my top 10 anticipated.

  • what’s the verdict on this mixtape?

  • Serrano

    Stride Rite and Lovely are great songs

  • B

    i thought they were known as patch adams and not a day late & a dollar short?

  • Simon Says…

    i think they were…these guys change plans alot. at first i quit trying to keep up but i think the audibles are part of the “day late dollar short theme” , which now has me interested again. or option b..they are stoners and change up alot because they forget. either should make for some fun on a collab. my verdict ( guilty being dope, innocent being wack) i think these cats doin 25 to life. but im confused on one thing..if this is before him n blus work, which of these joints is from their project.

  • Weirdo

    finally!! was wondering when this was going to be posted on here, he had it on his myspace like 5 days ago, the blogs were a bit slow on this!! shit is HELLA DOPE by the way.

  • sxcass

    can someone do me a favor and upload “kingMe” off this.

    thats the only song i want. lol

  • Weezo

    like aint you cool like lol totally i can like…
    music snobs…sigh. no
    download old boys shit. if you aint likem delete him.
    only one joint i aint really feelin cause of the beat.deleted that but shit..
    how lazy IS u.

  • Weirdo

    yea, how can you like only one track off here??shit is dope as fuck!

  • marky

    he kinda sounds like kanye..but shit is still hot!

  • Weezo

    damn you know what..on these days i was tryna figure out who he sounded like..it is kanye except minus the commercial promotion of health or beauty aids products in the raps. so i guess hes a classier version without tryna sell “shit on a stick.”
    kudos to a rapper puttin out this much good music at once . and i dont mind the comparisons as long as a nigra keep it up to par

  • kidkaracho

    i got round to listen to this today and all i have to say is that this is one of the best things i ever downloaded for free!!!

  • Nic1

    can i have a reupload ?

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    FUCK I cant download this shit. . .Ayy Shake do u still have the file for this? u have no idea how much I wanna download this..im a big Sene fan