• http://drop-bomb.com DrewDown

    I'm glad she's getting her shine. She's been the brains of the family forever. Wrote damn near every Beyonce song. Her album was freshhhh.

  • Ran-da-da


    more like 15 mins of fame....

  • J. Wonder

    I'm feelin' this!!!

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  • Big_E

    she can get it.. cuz she beyonce's sister. lol naw shits bumpin tho

  • JustinCase

    I Loved The Original And With Wale Great Plus Im A Sucker For Pretty Girls Swearing While Singing

  • http://pocketfullofpaper.com ‘Lo


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  • Marcha

    wtf? xxplosive from dr.dre? '-.-. This ruined one of my favorite beats =/

  • JustinCase

    Sex Sells Thats Why These Pussy Ni**as Is Going Gold Nice

  • Sasha

    Wale saved this. Without him, it's garbage. Maybe I've never been a fan of this polished MTV-R&B bullshit.

  • Danielle

    i love solange & waleher & wale together is perfect.
    they should just get married already & have babies. :)