Mek Dot x The Pharcyde

blame it on Meka September 5, 2008

As many of you know, I hit a few Rock The Bells last month. What many don’t know was that I spent a good month or so trying to track down all four members of The Pharcyde for this special interview, and I had to hit two of those festivals just to complete this piece. When you guys aren’t busy downloading all the free stuff we shill here, I invite you all to read about my exploits as well and the interview I did.

READ: The Pharcyde: A Bizarre Ride

  • so u got the interview huh

  • Patty Dre

    great article… and I’m sure the interview was worth the wait… they totally killed it at RTB in Miami.

  • good shit MEKA…one question thogh
    when you interviewed them did it look like they were happy to be around each other?

    oh and she said Jay Dee remix is one of the best remixes in remix history…and i dare somebody not to agree(ok i dont dare you but…anyway you know what im sayin)