Jin – Love Lockdown Freestyle

blame it on Shake September 13, 2008

So Jin’s been residing in Hong Kong, which sort of clarifies why we haven’t heard much from the emcee. It seems Kanye’s Love Lockdown inspired him to spit a few bars. I fuck with it. And the more and more I listen to the Ye record I’m accepting it. I still feel the hook needs to be revamped but if this is it, so be it.

DOWNLOAD: Jin Love Lockdown Freestyle | MediaFire

  • JustinCase

    It Aint Terrible

  • Cesc

    I think Jin tried his best to ruin the record.. but yeah I agree with you Shake, I’m feeling the song more and more with each listen. I hope the album is more of a variation of songs/styles though cos this vo-coder thing is gonna grow old fast.

  • exactly. If Ye fix the hook that shit would be fire. And fuck a jin


  • DJ Daz-One

    I like this song Jin added that flare (not bad for a loop instrumental)….

  • He ripped it…hands down

  • wow awesome video man

  • Always love a Jin track…

  • Jin looks like shit!


    where he get the instrumental???

  • damn, I guess you really didn’t listen to what he was saying? “I could find the instrumental, it’s all good, I just looped the intro.”

  • *couldn’t

  • Feel you on the Kanye needing to revamp the love lockdown chorus shak

  • lethal

    Apathy did the same thing wit Swagger Like Us

  • love Jin’s bars and the track.
    still hate the song.

  • Vmac

    damn,i miss Jin,dude had the exact same shit happen that did Canibus. Dude was full of potential and was an insane battle mc,then look who helps upstart his career?? WYCLEF,same dude that fucked over Canibus. Anyway,not bad,not great,but i’d def. like to see Jin drop more freestyles now & then


    Still need a revamp on chorus, lol.

  • i actually like kanyes song..when i heard it i just envisioned a non-rapper singing it haha

  • frio

    wish jin would have spit a few more bars, the loop was nice.

  • sideshowRaheem

    I’m with you shake Love Lockdown is growing on me but the hook is holding it back from being a really great inventive track.

  • Al.Pha.

    LMFAO. Russell’s been old but that “topsomebong” line snuck up and killed me.

  • he killed that shit, i don’t care if he looped it or not

  • H.E.R.

    you know what….this go hard. unbelieveable. haha

  • The Ol’ Whopty

    Jin’s getting fat…but he’s still good

  • jin held it down. i wasnt feelin kanye’s original but this shit got me listening to it more

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