• http://www.myspace.com/168496120 Your Girlfriend

    fucking beautiful!

  • http://screwfacecityhip.blogspot.com Quackas

    Good Looks @ Seeing Toronto guys!!! But there is also mad artists u should take a look at like Theology 3, Mayhem Morearty, Empire aka Fifth Letta Fam,Tona formerly known as Daoetona, Brassmunk,I.R.S., Mezziah and the HCAP movement. Toronto brings that raw hip hop sound and we DO bring the skills. Check my blog for some canadian hip hop also...http://screwfacecityhiphop.blogspot.com/

  • jd

    no new drake

  • jot

    TOR-ON-To, YES SIR. Shake, you into k-os?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    i am i am.

  • Halftime

    Shake, Meka you ever been to t.o?

  • TheLastEmperor

    Now you gotta head back to the Westcoast and give Vancouver some love Shake!

    Jeff Spec and Emotionz are the future!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    i've been a few times.

  • Parodi

    Good to see my city is noticed.

    Most of us torontonians are angry cause no-one in T.O. has yet to make it.(Excluding Kardinal Offishal). This is a good look for us.

    Screwface Capital.

  • J

    the mental joint is hot

  • c

    thanks for this post shake, i love my city

  • http://www.myspace.com/adversareeteamfresh Adversaree aka Caushn Labl

    Ya'll check out my tracks..reppin' that ChillyWilly thang...


    Feedback is always welcomed and taken seriously.

    Adversaree aka Caushn Labl

  • Noxx

    Notice all the smart niggas (like Lil' Wayne) is jumpin' on the T-Dot movement around now, cause they know its the next big thing. Dudes up north got too much talent to stay local.

  • http://www.myspace.com/adversareeteamfresh Adversaree aka Caushn Labl

    Thanks to 2DopeBoyz for the look and the post. Also, for lettin' other cats out here know about what it is over in the ChillyWilly (Toronto, Canada), but, f'real, my squad member Theology 3 and Dj Grouch, Sporadic The Dark Poet, Fatzki (who did a collab with Obie Trice in 1998) are doin' big things..there's so much more MCs out here doin' they thang and feels good to be noticed. HipHop is a movement..not jus' on the tip of bullets when they flyin', feel me? 2DopeBoyz, thanks, fam'..extremely appreciated over here...stay eagle, ya'll.

  • Gill

    yeah thanks for the love for mah coutry

    & I agree with TheLastEmperor post some vancouver ish, not nearly as many emcees as toronto but we got some dudes

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