“Padded Room” Pushed Back x Budden to Diss Royce?

blame it on Shake September 16, 2008

I heard whispers about this the other day but hoped for the best. Looks like the truth is there though. Padded Room is now slated for a February 24, 2009 release. Dammit! While we wait (longer) for the album Joey said he will be droppinga pre-cursor of somesorts entitled Halfway House which is 14 songs that have nothing to do with Padded Room and the Big Mike tape (hopefully) in December. He also suggests a possible track towards Royce. Nice! I’d love a collab myself, but let them go three rounds first haha. I’m just saying. Hit the jump for his full statement. Shouts to the illRoots fam…

“to those of you who have been patient enough to bear with me……

padded room started out as a transitional album for me, and amalgam as well, they knew very little about me and vice versa….. once the album was completed, both parties were so excited about the final product that we were both willing to do anything in our means to raise awareness, tho i’m not happy about it being pushed so far back, i do understand the method behind the madness…. we’ve got an album that i’m extremely proud of, and a lead off single that we’re both very happy with, but for those of you who are just as anxious as myself, i apologize…..

which brings us to “halfway house”…… 14 songs that have nothing to do with padded room…..(padded room will remain the same….) i will be releasing a prequel of sorts in late october featuring about 14 new records, i then will do my best to get this big mike tape out in december, and somewhere in between i’m gonna have a conversation with royce, on wax, just to ask a few questions to the guy……

just to help some of u out (only cuz i’m bored and the eagles are winning)….
what started as me stealing money, turned n2 an amazing album…
what i thought started as some broke, unknown label, turned n2 a more then capable means of distributing music……
what started at the august release date, turned n2 3 GREAT records that wouldn’t have been there if not for the push back….
what was touch and go, is now a way better/bigger song….
amalgam said lets move it to feb., i said kool, long as i can release new (new as in, i’m recording the bulk of it now, and have been since sat.), music in oct., 4 yall
the big mike mixtape i’m doing….. 4 yall, scratch that….. 4 us….

i’m more for the fans then the majority of artists in the world, its a shame some of you rather attribute my def jam situation to laziness or lack of motivation….. and fyi, artists have absolutely nothing to do with release dates, thats a totally different machine concerning retailers…..
i’ve made money in this game off 2 songs primarily, and those same 2 songs continue to pay me to this day, so, subtract 2 from however many joe budden songs u have in itunes or where ever u store music, then think about some of the things u say in retrospect…..

at the end of the day, haters will do their job, and supporters will do theirs..”

  • ketchums


  • ketchums

    First, btw

  • eightysbaby

    Yes, let the battle games begin. I been waiting for these 2 settle the back and forths on wax. I love the way Joey referred to it. “A Conversation with the guy”

    Lets get it!!!

  • Ayi

    Budden v. Royce on wax would be so damn incredible.

  • Maaat

    well not really suprising..i hope they get rid of touch & go, weak song imo

  • jalen

    damn im kinda upset ive been waitin for it a long time but its cool since he possible has 2 mixtapes comin b4 february then an album. i cant wait to hear him vs royce. its joey all the way

  • a guy

    told you shake lol

  • Lito

    This is my opinion soo dont ether me …but joey would body royce…nickel is dope dont get me wrong ..but he cant fucks with joey.

  • Curtis75Black

    Someone Please explain to me, What’s been poppin’ between these 2 ?

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  • i believe it started with that show in NYC. where royce got embarrassed (yes i said it) by mistah fab on stage (but later came to BODY him on wax haha). royce said some shit about joey not showing up, budden came with a line, etc

  • J. Caesar

    damn 5 months i have to wait foo padded room…but hey he said a mixtape with big mike and some other project of 14 tracks wll be dropped before the actual album, so it’s cool, and the whole royce situation hopefully is just a lil battle nothing more and then they can have a collabo

  • NYxSt8OfMind

    Word, i rather a see a collab between both of em.Cant for the album and the two other joints.

  • Showman3000

    “body Royce”? what?? Wow!! No respect. If some of you think Buddens will win cool but don’t say “Body” him or act like he’ll win by a landslide because that is not realiztic. If anything this a perfect match up in long time on wax in hip-hop for a minute. How can actually specifically make a descion between the two with a 100% sure landslide desicion on who will win. Royce is nasty himself people for real! You watch and wait. This will be good. I can’t wait. It would be better to hear them on the same track though. A Joe Budden, Royce 5’9” & Crooked I collab would be CRAZY!

  • Fiz7

    I think they pushed it back because 4th quarter 08 has too many big names for budden’s internet fanbase to compete with sales-wise. By releasing in first quarter 09, he’ll be able to set the bar (sales-wise, again) for other artists in his market. Plus if he actually releases both joints, the buzz will (hopefully) get bigger in anticipation for the official release of Padded Room. Just my take on it.

    I’m also going to take a neutral stance in the Budden-Royce beef if it even comes to fruition because I’ll be able to appreciate it more when two of our generation’s biggest lyricists go at each other on wax.

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    Royce Da 5’9″ is light years ahead of Budden aka mr pummpppp pummppp it up… Hes had some nice tracks but he needs to stay in his lane and keep it moving

    Its like Sarah Plain the VP trying to run against Obama dude is sharp with the speech so worry about building yourself rather than breaking a wise man down

  • Lito

    im in no way shape or form sayin nickel nine is wack .. i would just go with joey if they ever battled…soo let me rephrase…”This is my opinion soo dont ether me …but joey would DESTROY royce…nickel is dope dont get me wrong ..but he cant fucks with joey.” better? ..lmao!…j/p …it would be a dope battle ..hopefully it happens.

  • fresh2def
  • iCon

    Royce NICKEL-NINE>>>>>>>>Buddens

    for example: “i could knock u out/ but i’d rather stand over u holding a smoking gun nigga watch yo mouth/ u can go in that booth and call me all types of names but mutha fucka u gotta come out”

    buddens dont stand a chance….

  • fresh2def

    if you say so.

  • iCon

    buddens is cool and all i mean even i felt “10 minutes” but i just dont think he can go at Royce and come out on the winning side…. IMO

  • jeweler of the gems

    Royce v. Budden would be the best battle hip hop has seen in a while, def. since jay and Nas but as much as i like Joe after playing Bar Exam 2 ALL day yesterday I think Royce would get him in a close one.I may be a little bias just because Royce’s material is fresher in my brain but either way hopefully it will happen because either way it would be some good records put out there, but i doubt either could win in a landslide.

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  • 80’s Baby

    Bar Exam 2 > Mood Muzik 3

    and I’m a fan of both emcees

  • JJRed-Dick

    This Battle would be great for both of them attention wise as long as it’s kept on wax. Then they should get together and just do a collab over an Eminem produced heater…

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    Budden is tapa to Royce

    Royce has already ethered Budden

    Come one man Budden puts out weed plates the only hot shit he had wasnt done by him it was the Portishead MM3 remix…

    Buddens been disrespected by real dudes he grew up with = self ether

  • Jeremy

    Lets be real.. Joe Budden didn’t even go hard at Ransom and murked him.. If he goes hard at Royce.. which im guessing he will.. Royce WILL get bodied.. Just listen to Joe Buddens shit before you say anything else about him.. CANT wait for halfway house and Padded Room.. FUCK Touch N Go that shit better be GONE! JOEY ALL DAY!

  • chuk

    the best part of this potential battle is the matchup. both rappers sound crazy when they rap. it’s like two really intelligent mental patients going at each other. only eminem does that “crazy” style better.

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    Padded room gets pushed back and flops..


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  • Joey

    Joey is too nice, royce is a beast but joey is too lyrical and too up to date with too many things which he can use as punchlines! Royce is dope but joey just might have the edge! Don’t jock me for it, just my opinion!