Jean Grae – Shadows Forever (prod. Blue Sky Black Death)

blame it on Shake September 21, 2008

It looks like Jean Grae isn’t leaving hip hop as she will be dropping a new project, The Evil Jeanius, with production team Blue Sky Black Death on September 30th (unless Babygrande fucks around like usual). I grabbed this specific track almost a week ago from the homie at RH but forgot to post. So why not bless ya’ll on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Also, be sure to tune into 101.5JAMZ at 10pm PST tonight as Jeanie will be on air live. UPDATE: I’ve been hearing whispers that this could be older Jean material. Hopefully she speaks on it during the interview (which we’ll have audio for asap).

DOWNLOAD: Jean Grae – Shadows Forever (prod. Blue Sky Black Death) | MediaFire

  • Scarlie Chalk

    why doesn’t the link work?

  • no link?

  • should be one now.

  • NYxSt8OfMind

    yea link isnt working.

  • works fine

  • Does ANYONE who says they’re leaving hip hop ever REALLY leave? I’m starting to wonder.

    Either way, this was a nice way to enjoy the break I just gave myself from Sunday schoolwork. Molliweide graticule, here I come!

  • I got this about a few days…ever since I;ve been trying to see if this album gonna be all orignal or remix jean grae or what…does anybody know?

    I heard this was new BSBD with Jean Grae’s “Plan A (Ride With Me)” vocals…i haven’t heard that song so idk…

  • that could be totally true.

  • lethal

    apparently she didnt even authorize this album so shes prolly gettin no cake off it

    id wanna leave rap alone too if i didnt get paid for my shit

  • lethal

    yea i didnt notice at first but yea those are the Plan A vocals

    she originally spit em over the G-Unit – Gangsta Shit beat (also same beat as DMX – Ruled Out)


  • smh

  • xastey

    Old song forgot what cd it came off of, but good mix

  • its actually 101.5JAMZ.

    just thought I’d let yall know.

  • ha, atleast i got the url right.

  • Ty

    luv me some Jean….

  • Peekay

    dope. been missin’ Jean.

  • jameswilk

    best female rapper alive aint heard no one better

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